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With so much going on in the world, it can be so easy to become inundated and forget about the true purpose of our existence: to enjoy the world and God’s gifts. Reminding us of the beautiful things that often get hidden behind by the stress and information overload, David Adelson sits down with Debra Poneman to talk about success, friendships, love, and the wonderful world. Debra is the founder of Yes to Success, Inc., giving tens of thousands of people around the world the tools and techniques to live lives of ultimate success. She shares some of those with us in this episode as she goes further into listening to your intuition, the power of words, and more. Find out your life’s true purpose by listening in on this conversation; plus, Debra gives away her eBook titled, The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success.

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How To Live Lives Of Ultimate Success With Debra Poneman

We don’t know what problems are we going to solve for you because we’re talking about success, friendships, love and how wonderful the world is. With me is a dear longtime friend, Debra Poneman, who is a mentor to famous mentors and who has taught many people that are household names. Janet Attwood of The Passion Test was a student of hers for years. I was a student of hers back in the early 1980s. We met a few years before that at a friend’s birthday party in California. We have been friends for years and catch up every once in a while, but we haven’t talked in over a decade at this point. You’re relaunching your Yes To Success 2020. You have a huge number of people, 339 million are on it. Tell us what you’re up to and what you think the audience needs to know.

Before we get there, this show is sponsored by PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com, where you can go in and buy machines that are the size of a laptop that will generate pieces from 10 square-miles to 30 square-miles around you. If you want peace and harmony for your house, neighborhood, community, city or whatever you want, these machines are quantum and unified field infused. It means that they work outside the realm of space and time. They have been used to stop the neighbors from stomping around in the apartment upstairs without ever addressing them. As people approach their apartment building, they are feeling this bubble of peace and harmony up to seven and more miles away. It’s averting forest fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, and also lowering the crime rate.

These things are amazing and you should get one. There’s even a free sample that you can try and download and there’s a guarantee. If you get it and within three days you don’t notice a difference, send it back for a full refund and we’ll even pay for shipping. These things are amazing and you should take advantage of them because we need intelligence, clarity, and a stress-free world. Many decisions that are being made politically and otherwise are based on stressed thinking and stressed environment. These machines can help take care of that. If you have questions, let us know and we’ll talk to you.

I have a question about that. First of all, it’s good to be with you. I have many things I want to talk to you and your audience about. Do you remember in the ‘80s when we were together in Fairfield, Iowa, one of the things that we did was we meditated together in these huge groups? What we found is when we meditated in huge groups, it generated peace and harmony, not just for our group but for the area, the state and the country. For example, we would get groups to go and meditate in Israel so that it would have an effect on the neighboring countries. Maharishi used to call it the Air Conditioning Effect. My thought while you were saying all of the things that the Peace and Harmony protocol does, why don’t we get a bunch of them and put them around the White House?

If somebody wants to do it, we can do it. I have a friend here in California who is moving back to Frederick, Maryland, which is about an hour from DC. He and I were talking. We have an even bigger system that we haven’t released yet. We were thinking that we would rent a space and we’d do it here too. We have these powerful systems that invoke different aspects of divine energy, ranging from Lord Christ to Mother Mary, Shiva, all the Hindu and different deities that we know of, each one including lounges for the Supreme. They’re huge systems on 65-inch TVs and we get twenty of them.

Between one here in California and the one in Frederick if we do it will cover most of the country. These are way bigger than the Peace systems. We haven’t even released them yet. We were talking about that possibility as a nonprofit, but we can’t get nonprofit status fast enough to do it. We also realized that buying all the systems, hiring staff to do it, renting space and everything is going to cost about $500,000 for each of them for the first year. After that, it’s just rent, utilities and staff. That’s still a large portion on a yearly basis, but we could get these and put them everywhere. If somebody wants to do an entire country, we can create systems or a sequence of systems that are big enough for it. It’s a matter of getting there. If people want to, they should contact us about it.

How do they contact you? I feel like I’m interviewing you but this is important.

At [email protected] or there’s contact information at the website, PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com. There’s a Contact Us form.

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I know that my friends like Debbi Dachinger and Judi Andersen, I have many friends that are all over this. They’re excited about it. I am excited about it too because I know anything that you would create would be brilliant. I’ve always known you are brilliant. I have to tell you a story, everybody who is reading. I started my Yes To Success company in 1980. I teach principles of creating true success. Not just the houses, big cars and fame because we know that is fleeting, but true and lasting success from inside out. I have tens of thousands of people who have taken my course, and hundreds of thousands have heard my message around the world. David and Janet, whose name is now Allura. I love her, your former wife who is an angel. You were two of my students in the early 1980s. I want to tell you a story that I don’t know if you remember. It is a cool story about your son.

Is this the one that you mentioned on Debbi’s when you were interviewing?

I did, so you heard. Can I share it with your audience?

You can. Go ahead.

The reason why it’s significant is that people who are pregnant don’t realize the effect that your conversation has on your unborn child. You don’t realize that the music you’re playing and the atmosphere that you’re bringing your children to have such a profound effect on your unborn child. That’s the reason why I continued to tell the story because it is clear that those babies inside hear everything and it affects them.

I know your brilliant son is a part of your company now, but the story goes like this. We lived in Fairfield, Iowa. We meditated together in these huge groups, not only for ourselves but for the world. We have to get a badge to get into these Golden Domes, there was a men’s dome and woman’s dome. There still is, but we were there at the beginning in the early ‘80s. I went to get my badge and there is this baby being held by a babysitter who was crying. Nobody could calm this baby down because his parents had gone upstairs to get their badge. The baby wanted his parents. He must have been nine months old and he’s crying and crying. Everybody’s trying to calm him down and I’m watching this from the other side of the room.

After about five minutes, I thought I’ll go try my hand at calming this baby down. I walked over and I said, “Do you mind if I tried to hold him?” He whips his head around and he reaches out to me. I had never seen this baby before in my life. He lets me hold him and stops crying. I hold him the whole time that you and your wife were upstairs getting your badge. When you come back down, we told you the story. You looked at each other and you said that the only thing you could think of is when Janet was pregnant, you had been listening to my Yes To Success tapes over and over. Eli must have heard them, so he recognized my voice.

I appreciate the whole point because when people start going to healers and they start getting cleared up, it turns out that so much of the stuff that gets cleared include what happens when you were pregnant. When we’re little, we don’t understand the world. We misinterpret things and we don’t understand words. We come out battered and scarred as it was. We all do, no matter how wonderful our parents are. One friend of mine was walking down the hall. He turned to say something to somebody behind him. He turned around and before he completely turned his head around, he took a step and walk down the hall. What he didn’t know was his seven-year-old daughter had jumped in front of him. She was standing there and when he took a step, he bumped into her.

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As an adult it’s just like, “Excuse me,” but she had a complete breakdown. She wouldn’t talk to him for a day and a half. He’s doing all these healing things on her too. She’s like, “You hate me. You never liked.” That’s kids. It doesn’t matter what reality is being presented to them. Here’s the thing and this is a point that’s exciting to talk about. That is we all do that as adults. We misinterpret what’s being said to us. We misinterpret the purpose of life. We misinterpret what we’re here to do. We get mixed signals from our religious organizations, our government, our business, our education, our military, and what we watch on TVs. The commercials are all giving us information that may or may not be contrary.

In most cases, it is massively misunderstood in terms of what we’re here to do, which is simply to enjoy. We’re here to enjoy the world. We’re here to enjoy God’s gifts, Divine Mother’s gifts, or however we want to say it. We’re here to help each other. We’re here to grow together. We’re not here to be divisive. I had this thought and I wasn’t sure why, but there’s a quote from Maharishi in the Science of Being and it’s, “Small minds always fail to perceive the whole situation, and in their narrow vision, create an imaginary obstacle, which is neither useful to themselves nor anyone else.” I loved that but I’ve come to realize that he’s talking about anybody less than Brahman. I know this fits in with your whole Yes To Success thing because you help people understand. I’m leading it but you say something profound because people need to know it.

It’s profound what you said. We live our lives based on untruths. We live our lives based on things that we have internalized from what our teachers, our parents, and the media have taught us from when we’re even in vitro. We start accumulating this false information. That’s why when I teach people success, I teach them how to listen to their intuition to bypass the logical mind. If you’re living your life based on the logical mind, you’re living your life based on untruths that you’ve accepted as true. What I love to do is to have people do techniques where they are kept right into the source. If they followed the advice that they’re getting directly from the source or the God of your understanding, then you will live your life based on the closest thing that we can as human beings do to live based on truth.

One of the things that I taught way back in the ’80s, and it was because I had read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. I based a lot of my teachings on that. He did this thing called sitting for ideas. What sitting for ideas was is every morning he would wake up, he would put up a blank sheet of paper and he’d write at the top of the page, “God, what are you and I going to create now?” He would start writing and he would not censor it. He would write even if it made no sense at all. He would then stop, read it and highlight the action steps.

He would base what he did that day based on what the spirit was telling him to do, bypassing the mind. In Yes To Success, I teach a form of that and we also do it in a group. I’m teaching a course online and we do it in a group. When we do it in a group, we create an energy vortex so that the downloads could become even more unimpeded when you’re surrounded by this vortex of light, and not a vortex of false information. Especially when we’re in a group, “What are we going to create? Spirit, God, universe, what do you want me to know?” You then write and you don’t read it as you’re writing it, just let it flow. Everybody could do this.

Sometimes people feel the energy coming in from their crown chakra. Some people it’s into their heart. It doesn’t matter, just write and don’t censor. Don’t think “That doesn’t make sense,” or stop and go back to read what you’ve written so it will flow coherently. The less you involve your mind, the more truth is going to flow. The more difficult part is when you read what spirit has told you and it is completely contrary to what your intellect is telling you to do. It’s telling you to go left and your intellect is telling you to go right. Trust it. I always say to give it a one-week test. Follow the intuition and the download for one week. If your life doesn’t completely change, then go back to listening to your intellect. Nobody that I know has ever gone back to listening to the intellect because such magic happens in their lives.

I love this whole thing. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I saw some of the stuff that you’re doing, and some close people are taking your course. I’ve been thinking about this whole thing because we are used to dismissing our intuition again and again. One of the things that we want to do is culture that intuition. I know you’ve been doing it for decades. I’ve been doing it for decades, and a lot of people do. It’s so often is exactly the opposite of what your intellect says.

I want to give you two examples supporting this. One is when we were first downloading all of these amazing products that are now in the PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com. With Allura, we created 70 amazing tinctures. Things like Forget About It, which you take if you have a nightmare or a song that’s driving you nuts or you had a trauma. It’s great for PTSD people. We have one to help sleep. We have some for financial abundance. We have some for leg relief, chest relief, and balancing your blood pressure. We kept sitting down and saying, “What are people suffering from in the world? Let’s create a solution.” At that point, we created 70 tinctures. I had at least about the same number of art and about 30 pieces of photography.

HWC 31 | Ultimate Success

Ultimate Success: As adults, we misinterpret what’s being said to us. In fact, we actually misinterpret the purpose of life, what we’re here to do.


At that point, we had a gallery in a small town in the western part of Massachusetts. A friend of mine, this woman that I met before that, came in. We walked into one of the rooms that had all these pieces of art around it. I was like, “There’s something in here for you.” The one that got pointed to me is one for somebody who’s having diminished hearing. Instead of saying anything about it, I was like, “She’s too young.” That doesn’t make the intellect consent. It doesn’t make sense. I went for like, “What’s the next one?” I don’t remember what it was but I’ve said something to her. Within about 3 or 4 minutes she said, “One of the things is that I’m losing my hearing.” I was like, “I should have paid attention.”

A delightful example of this is in Woody Allen’s movie, Play It Again, Sam, which is very dated and ‘70s movie. It’s a total outright comedy. There’s no purpose of it other than that. He has fallen in love with his best friend’s wife who’s Diane Keaton. He’s having discussions with his idol, Humphrey Bogart who has been dead for a long time. Humphrey Bogart at one point was there on the couch. She’s a little tipsy and Humphrey Bogart says, “Say this,” and he says whatever line. Woody Allen goes, “I can’t say that.” He says, “Say it.” Woody Allen says it and she completely melts. Woody Allen goes, “She bought it.” It’s a great little funny scene. It’s that one thing that so often we feel we know what we want to say, but then we talk ourselves out of it. We create the block that prevents us from getting the girl, the money, the job, the car, whatever it is. We limit it.

You can picture Humphrey Bogart now being your higher self.

He’s not mine but everybody can pick whoever they want. It’s this idea of allowing yourself to be right. First of all, I love that exercise to start paying attention. We had somebody on the show who talked about listening with your gut and starting there. There are many techniques. I love yours. It’s something that I have done for years. At one point, the entire bottom drawer of my dresser was filled with notebooks of doing this every day. I used to do it coming out of the dome in the morning, before I went home and dealt with the kids, the family and everything. I’d walk out on the entranceway of the men’s dome. Do you remember that? If you came out and there was that hallway before you went down the stairs. I would walk over to a window sill and start scribbling. Sometimes it would be 45 minutes and sometimes it would be 10 minutes. I would do that and then move on from there. You can also do it for gratitude. Another great thing to do is to list all the things you’re grateful for including what you want.

There are two things. One is I have to admit that I was such a bad girl that sometimes I would keep a little pad of paper next to me in the dome. We were not supposed to do it, but sometimes ideas would come to me during my meditation. I would never open my eyes but I would write with my eyes closed my ideas. One of the hilarious things is when people would read books, for example, by Neale Donald Walsch. They’re like, “Neale Donald Walsch had conversations with God.” As if God only speaks to Neale Donald Walsch. The truth is that God, your higher self, the spirit or the divine speaks to you every minute of every day. If you can accept the fact that it’s not only Neale Donald Walsch, but you have a whole army of angels, guides, spirits, ancestors who if you would invite them in, they’re like, “You invited me in. Now, I will clear the way for your success. I will clear the obstacles out of the way as you walk your path. I will give you messages whenever you ask me to give you messages.”

If you ask, “Please give me the message right now that I need to hear,” you could do it. Neale Donald Walsch did sit down at a keyboard and start typing it out or take a piece of paper and start writing it out. At any moment, ask for the guidance and these angles, guides and spirits will be elbowing each other out of the way to give you that guidance but they don’t come in uninvited. I advise that you ask and you will see the downloads that you’re going to get. The truth is I’ve been teaching this for many decades and I have never had anybody who said, “I listened to my intuition and it all fell apart.” I have had hundreds of people who have said, “I didn’t listen to my intuition and I wish I had.”

“I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t do it. I knew I was supposed to stand up at that point. I knew I was supposed to ask for this. I knew I was supposed to take it. I didn’t and then it’s regret and remorse.” That’s when we give ourselves the green light to go ahead and start beating ourselves up, which is ever so helpful. I love that idea. We talk about allowing, receiving, and then trusting. The phrase that I tell my clients is, “Send your intellect and your ego to the beach.” Tell them that they’ve done great. “You’ve worked so well for me every day of my life. You deserve a day off. You go to the beach. You’re free and clear. You go.” You then allow yourself to follow your guidance without thinking about it and without letting the mind get in the way.

Martha Beck wrote Expecting Adam. She was having her second pregnancy. She was having all kinds of interesting experiences including meeting her son in a different realm while she’s still pregnant. She was having all kinds of intuition. At one point, having a rough time and hemorrhaging or I don’t know what’s going on, she’s aware that there’s this group of beings that she doesn’t know whether they’re Pleiadians or angels. She has no idea what’s going on but she’s looking at them. They’ve been showing up not consistently but regularly since she got pregnant, which has been a horrible pregnancy for her.

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She’s in Massachusetts at Harvard. Her husband was in Japan. He’s having experiences during this whole thing. It’s is amazing. These beings are over in the room and she’s completely losing it. She’s losing a lot of blood shows and all of this. At one point she finally goes, “If you want this kid to be born, you got to help.” One of the females looked at her like, “Finally,” and then they get to help. It’s true, we have help all around us. One of the themes I’ve been thinking about for my clients is reminding everyone, “The universe has your back. God has your back.” They have your back and your front. They’ll be the snowplow that clears everything. Tell them what you want, get out of the way and let it happen, and don’t try to figure it out.

You know what you want, leave the how to that power greater than yourself. I love that you can tell the universe what you want and then let go. You can also use this technique at any moment as Martha Beck did. It reminds me of a story about one time I used it in an unusual way. There are some people on the line who need to hear this story about my daughter. I don’t know if you remember her, but she’s now a network chiropractor in Seattle. When she was in high school, I have a situation with her which parents could relate to where I had to call on my angels.

Here is what happened. Here she is as a teenager. She’s obsessed with how she looks and what she wears. She’s going to high school. She would do this thing where she would not leave herself like fifteen seconds extra time. She would come downstairs and hop in the car. I would drive her to school and she would make it on time. This day I’m like, “Come on, honey. We got to go.” She comes downstairs with no seconds to spare. The garage door opens and the lady who was cleaning our house, her car was blocking our car. She goes crazy, “Maria is going to make me late,” and she’s upset about it. I said, “Diana, find Maria. She’s somewhere in the house. Ask her nicely to please move her car.”

Maria comes running from upstairs and God knows what Diana said to her. She moves her car quickly. Now Diana’s mad, “I can’t believe that Maria parked in the driveway. I can’t believe that she’s making me late.” I go, “Diana, you have to stop. It wasn’t Maria’s fault.” “It was Maria’s fault. She should know that we need to get the car out of there.” “Diana, please stop. I don’t want to hear about it. You could leave yourself a little extra time.” “I can’t leave myself the extra time.” I said, “You’re right. You can’t leave yourself any extra time.” I started screaming and she started screaming. She then says, “Mommy, I hate when you and I lose it.” I’m like, “You hate when I send you to private school so you can’t take the bus, which is good enough for every other kid on the block. Maybe you hate that I have a housekeeper that cleans your pig-style room once a week because God knows you would never keep it clean. Maybe you hate that I miss my aerobics class to drive you to school.” I’m going crazy on her but I’m toning it down.

The Peace and Harmony program does prevent this over and over in the car for people.

I would need one in the car but not anymore. Anyway, I am saying, “You hate when I’m this and maybe you hate when I’m this.” I was possessed. As parents, have you ever had that experience when you are possessed that you expect your head to spin around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist? That was me. I could not stop until I had diminished her to the point that she was cowering in the seat next to me. I couldn’t stop and in my mind, I thought, “Call on your angels.” I swear to God I was possessed because I couldn’t stop on my own. I called my angels while the words are still spearing from my mouth. I said, “Please, I am decimating this poor child. She doesn’t deserve this, but I cannot stop. Please help me.” I said that in my head and all of a sudden, this peace came over me. That was so intense.

Once the peace came over me, I said to her, “Sweetie, I am sorry that I was screaming at you like that. You didn’t deserve it. It was that when you said, ‘Mommy, I hate when you,’” I lost it. She says to me, “What I was going to say was, ‘Mommy, I hate when you and I fight.’” At that moment, I was like, “I’m sorry.” I start crying and then she’s like, “No, mommy. You’re right. It wasn’t Maria.” “I know but you didn’t deserve that.” We’re both crying and hugging each other. We’re both arguing not about the car, the bus, and the private school. We’re arguing about how much we love each other and who loves each other more. When we finally got to her school, she was late by then and she had to re-apply her makeup. She skipped into school happy because her mommy loved her so much instead of going into school with her mommy having decimated her and screamed at her. I tell you that whole story to remind you that the angels are there at your service, but you have to remember to call on them.

Thank you for sharing that. That’s a delightful story and lesson. I want to add to that because we often misinterpret what’s being presented to us, which is what I talked about before. When you talk about the car blocking so she’s late, what opportunity is being presented here? Your long way around took it to reinforce your love for each other, and the connection that you have for her, and nourish her heart in a fabulous way, which is great. The example that I use a lot is if we’re rushing and there’s a car in front of us, we need to trust that that’s there for a reason.

HWC 31 | Ultimate Success

Ultimate Success: We start accumulating this false information. That’s why we need to listen to our intuition to bypass the logical mind.


Many people have stories. One of my dear friends loves to drive fast. He has a fast car. He’s out on some mountain road whipping along. All of a sudden, the car gets in front of him going the speed limit or whatever it was. He’s like, “I can get there.” Two miles later, he passes the cop car. It saves him getting a ticket and who knows what else it saves. Often, I use the example of the hundreds if not thousands of people who were late for work on 9/11 back in 2001. They had no idea in the car or on the train. They’re freaking out that they’re late for work. They’re thinking of their excuses. They’re all in a panic about it. That being late for work was that God, divine mother or the organizing principle of nature was out to help them fulfill their life’s embodiment with this purpose. They were being protected.

These are some of the principles. I know you teach a lot of these things of whatever is in your environment, how we make maximum use of it? How do we use it to reach that level of success or fulfillment whereby we’re not threatened by it? We see that it’s there to add to our happiness. It’s there to add to our joy. Many times, as you described in that scenario, something is being presented to you, but because the whole story wasn’t revealed or because we’re quick to pass judgment, something profound is prevented from being received. Your daughter is trying to give you love and change the situation. We’ve all done it and we’ve all jumped the gun in something.

I’ll tell you a funny story. When we were teenagers, my mother was at the dinner table and she was going crazy about something. She was yelling about something and all of a sudden, she stopped. She looked around for a minute, started humming, and went back to eating. We thought she’s completely lost it. It wasn’t until years later that she told us. She said that she realized that she was going way overboard about something that didn’t deserve it, but she didn’t know how to get out of it. She stopped and started humming a song so that she could stop it. We need to measure what we want to do, what our interpretation, and what our responses are.

There’s a quote that was on a TM poster in the 1970s that I had on my website and previous incarnations of it. It’s, “Everyone is one’s own responsibility. Choose what you want to be.” I was 19 or 20 when I first thought, do I want to be a doctor or an alligator hunter or whatever it was? Over the years, I’ve come to realize that it means many levels. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be enlightened? Do you want to be someone who contributes to the world? One of the things that we’ve been guided for the past years to bring up is that no matter what’s being presented to you, the true choice is, who do I want to be? What do I want to experience given what’s in front of me?

When we can get to that level of inner connection of following our intuition, we can be presented with something that’s tremendously upsetting and choose to laugh about it. We can be presented with any extreme and we get to choose, who do I want to be now? I often choose James Stewart from the movie Harvey, but it turns out that I know later in life that he was an alcoholic. I didn’t know that when I was a kid and I saw the movie. I thought that he was mellow.

Another way to be able to choose at the moment is gratitude. A lot of times, I have had people who have taken my Yes To Success seminar. In the beginning, they say, “I’ve heard this before.” The principles that have been stood the test of time are the ones that need to be taught. Sorry if I don’t come up with some new thing that you’ve never heard before, but the truth is that some of these new-age things that you could learn at some class at the YMCA haven’t been time tested. People say, “I know about gratitude.” You know about gratitude, but do you practice it? Are you using it?

Here’s the thing that I tell people. No matter what the situation is like if you get the proverbial parking place in front of the store when you’re late for an appointment, or you have to drive round and round and you get the parking space that’s a half-mile away. You always say, “Thank you.” It’s either good or you don’t know the unseen forces that are making you park half a mile away. The universe always has your back. By saying thank you at the moment, even if it seems like, “Thank you for what?” It will be revealed to you. First of all, your path will be cleared much more quickly, but perfection will also be revealed to you much more quickly.

I’ll tell you a quick story. I lived in Chicago and that’s where I raised my kids. They were born in Fairfield, but then we moved to Chicago. When Fred and I got divorced, I let him keep the big house because I decided I didn’t want to live in the bourgeoisie, amongst the bourgeoisie. I wanted to live with people. I moved to an apartment in the city with no indoor parking, only street parking. That’s what I want to do. We then had the coldest and harshest winter on record in Chicago. Sometimes I had to park blocks away with twenty-below windchill and carrying three bags of groceries. It was one of those nights and I had to park blocks away. It was so cold that my eyes teared and the actual tears froze my eyelid shot. We had those when we lived in Fairfield.

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I’m walking down the street and I could have been grumbling like, “This is the worst thing. Next time I’m getting a place with a garage.” I’m like, “Thank you, God,” while the wind is whipping across my face. I know those of you who live in Florida and California are like, “Is she nuts?” While I am walking along saying thank you, it occurred to me, “Why are you living in Chicago?” There was no reason for me to live there. My son had moved to New York. My daughter was moving to California. I wasn’t married anymore. I live by myself and all of a sudden I thought, “I’m going to move to California.”

I believe that if I hadn’t said thank you, that energy wouldn’t have opened up space for me to have the realization, “My daughter moved to California. I’ll move to California.” We live 45 minutes away from each other. She was in chiropractic college. I lived in Marin and we lived happily ever after. That gratitude, if you think that you practice it and you’re not having gratitude for the good things and the seemingly not so good things, then you’re not practicing gratitude.

I completely concur. One of the things that I tell my clients and it’s in one of my books, Awaken To Who You Are. We talk about when something good happens, it’s easy to say gratitude. It’s not always easy to cultivate the habit to have gratitude when something not so good happens. One of the things that we talk about is the power of words. I don’t want to go into that too much now but we might in a minute. When something bad happens, you step on your toe, you cut yourself or whatever happens, we often say the four-letter word that is not what we truly want to experience. It’s the farthest thing from what we want to experience.

I realized that when I was working in Pacific Palisades at National at the time back in the ‘70s, this was before Fairfield. I’m noticing because I’m working in the kitchen and accidents happen in a big dishwasher or whatever it was. I realized that I could say sweetness, bliss or something. It eventually became ‘thank you’ because I realized that whatever we’re experiencing, we’re getting from one of the multiple reasons. The two biggest reasons are knowingly or unknowingly, we asked for it. We’ve all had that experience where we want the cake, but the cake we get isn’t the kind of cake we wanted. We realized, “I didn’t ask for it right, but we still have the cake, so thank you for bringing this one. Can I have one that comes with ice cream or chocolate frosty?”

The first thing is that things come to us because knowingly or unknowingly we have spoken or intended or said somewhere that this is something that we want. That is why we have to watch our words because we often say things even in a joke or something and things manifest. If something comes because we asked for it, it’s appropriate to say thank you. Even if it’s not exactly what you want, you say “Thank you. Can we tweak it this way or that way?” That’s an obvious thing to say, “Thank you.” Maybe something comes to us that is unpleasant and that’s maybe because we’re working off or we’ve cleared some horrible karma from the past.

No matter how big or small it is, always assume like, “I wiped out a village in some previous life or something horrendous, and now stubbing my toe or dropping the egg has taken care of that. Thank you, that karma is now done.” We let it rest. We don’t respond and react to it because now that it’s dead, we don’t want to pick it up and put the ball back in action by responding to it. It’s this Lord Christ thing of turning the other cheek. You let it die there. In every case, no matter what’s happening to you, thank you is a completely valid and appropriate response.

From that thank you, what do I want next? How can I use what’s being presented to me in a way that brings me fulfillment? Whether it’s my life’s purpose, it brings me inner happiness. It gives me the opportunity to make a decision or to see the world in a way that’s different. Why were you living in Chicago? Until that moment, it didn’t occur to you that you could be doing something else. If you were busy grumbling and complaining, it’s putting blinders on, “This is the reality. This is all there is, therefore I lie and left to suffer,” which is not accurate at all for anyone. That’s a learned thing. We all have to unlearn that too.

I want to share one other story. You were talking about the cake with the ice cream and it’s around flavor. For my son’s birthday, I made a cake that was gluten-free, sugar-free, egg-free and dairy-free and it was good. I have to tell you this story, which I don’t think you’ve ever heard because we haven’t talked in decades. I have a story about the power of words where I saw with my own inner eye the actual manifestation of words. It was this amazing thing that happened a few years ago.

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Ultimate Success: If you’re living your life based on the logical mind, you’re living your life based on untruths that you’ve accepted as true.


Usually, when I get sick like a little sore throat thing, I take a bunch of echinacea, electrolytes, goldenseal or whatever. I take my stuff, knock it out and feel great in the morning. What happened was I started getting sick and I started taking my usual stuff and it didn’t go away. As a matter of fact, the next day it got worse, and the next day, it got worse, and by the end of the week, I was so sick that I was lying in bed. I was living by myself at the time. I thought, “I could die here and nobody would know.”

I did what any intelligent person would do. I picked up the phone, I called my favorite healer, and I said, “You have to help me. I think I’m dying.” He looks in on me long distance and he said, “I can help you but you have to promise to do exactly what I tell you to do.” He said, “Call 911 immediately.” I couldn’t even at that point because I was going. He called 911 and a few minutes later, the paramedics showed up. They had to break down my door. I couldn’t even get out of bed. They said, “What hospital do you want to go to?” I said, “Evanston.” They realized they didn’t even have time to get me to Evanston. My blood pressure was 52 over 28. I shouldn’t have been alive. It turned out to be sepsis, it’s a bacteria in your blood. I just got back from a developing country and I had two bacteria in my blood, as it turned out. You have a 50% chance of not surviving if you have one.

Long story short, I get to the ER room. They take a look and they start hooking me up to every monitor, every tube possible because it did not look good. In the meantime, the healer had called my former husband, Fred. He came over and it did not look good because they were trying to get my blood pressure up. They were trying to save me and I started dying. As I’m dying, I go to this place between life and death. I realized that when my eyes are open, I could see everything that’s going on in the emergency room. When my eyes are closed, I can also see everything that’s going on in the emergency room. I saw that everything was guided by this beautiful light. The movement of the doctor’s hands, when the nurse would hang up the IV bag, everything was being guided by light. Everything fits together like the cogs on a fine-tuned watch.

I remember lying there thinking, “This thing that we said that there are no mistakes in the universe. There are no mistakes in the universe. It’s perfect and it’s all guided. Even when one of the nurses fumbled and dropped an IV bag and everybody shout at her like, “You, idiot.” I saw that when she put her head down, that had unblocked her head from a monitor and another nurse then went and made an adjustment that probably saved my life. I looked over at Fred and his tears are rolling down his cheeks because it did not look like I was going to live. A nurse saw the same thing. She went over to him, put her hand on his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. She’s going to be fine.” There was no reason for her to say that.

What I saw in that place between life and death was that when she said the word “She’s going to be fine,” this golden sparkly pink light like My Little Pony Rainbow went out of her mouth. “She’s going to be fine” went into a shape which is me and brought this light and strength to every cell of my body. I’m thinking, “She said, ‘She’s going to be fine,’ and I became fine. I have to get better so I could tell everybody the power of their words.” Two minutes later, the doctor comes in, looks at the monitor, and in his harsh voice said, “Get that blood pressure up or we’re going to lose her.”

When she said the words, “We’re going to lose her,” out of his mouth, I saw this gray, brown gunk come out accompanying the words. It even had a smell. It smelled like a swamp and it went into my body and took away all my strength. At that moment, I prayed to God. I said, “Please let me live and I promise two things. One is I’ve been teaching all these years about the power of your words. I will teach people that your words do create your reality.” I promise I will never say anything again that I don’t want to happen. I will never say again, “My daughter or my son is this.” I realized that whatever I said about my daughter or my son, I was creating that. Since that day, whenever I’m about to say something, I cancel it and replace it with something that I want. The good news is I lived or I wouldn’t be here now. That’s my story about the power of words.

What people think is going on in their lives and what your experience was is vastly different. Small minds fail to perceive the whole situation. There are many things about words. I’m a first-timer here. I haven’t been here before. I have a friend who jokes at me all the time about it because I don’t know how to do certain things. When I first met her years ago, she said, “You have no idea how things work here in the world.” I absolutely don’t. I remember thinking, “I don’t know what it’s like to be walking down the road and not know what’s around the corner.”

After she told me this, I thought, “I should go with that stuff and try to be here.” I tried turning things off for three days. I never lasted three days. I started walking down the road and had it turned off. I was like, “Do you mean, you don’t know what’s at the next street, you don’t know what’s the next driveway?” I was like, “I couldn’t handle that.” She said, “You’re supposed to do what you’re here to do.”

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There’s this whole thing about what essentially we are. If we look at things from the quantum level, from the unified field level, we understand that the unified field is a completely undifferentiated state. It’s all homogenous and it’s all pure potentiality. We then look at our lives and this is what science tells us. We know from Maharishi and Vedic studies, and our masters about unity and Brahman consciousness, which says, “In that state, we know that and we live that. We’re aware that that’s the reality and yet we’re also aware of the differences that are moving within that.”

When you get to that, when you start to see it from that perspective, what you come to realize is in essence, we are creating machines. Our whole purpose of existence is to think and say things into existence so that we might experience them, and God, the creator, the unified field, whatever it is, also gets to experience what we create. That’s all we’re here to do. Our biggest job is to be happy and to think and speak into being whatever makes us happy. Because of the tradition of time and ignorance, and we’ve come from a time in the world that is not the best, moving to a time that’s the best. We’re taught all kinds of things sometimes intentionally and sometimes misunderstanding.

The first words that were ever written down from what Lord Christ said was 70 years after he passed away. I don’t know how good your memory is, but most of us were writing things. We might have misunderstood the words. One of my favorite things is a joke from some person. It’s going through these old texts in Latin in the monastery. They go, “It’s celebrate, not celibate.” It’s one letter different, and it’s a whole different thing. I love that it’s celebrate because that’s what we’re here to do. The point of this is when we understand that we are literally creation machines and every single thing that we say and think will be expressed to a greater or lesser degree.

We may have thought about orange juice and three days later, we see an ad online pops up about frozen concentrate. That’s the fulfillment of that desire. Maybe we want fresh, natural, squeezed orange juice. Maybe we need to, “Thank you for the ad but what I want is to drink and be refreshed.” We have to watch what we say. We had the most heartbreaking experience when our son was going through chemotherapy and we were in Iowa City.

There was a woman there who was completely flipping out. Her nineteen-year-old son had been in an accident. He was in the backseat of a car when the car hit whatever it is. He flunked forward and he broke his neck, which is horrible. She was going around completely distraught because she was saying, “I’ve been telling him his whole life over and over again, ‘You’re going to break your neck.’ I told him this when he was three. I told him this when he was five. I’ve been telling him his whole life that he’s going to break his neck.” On the one hand, it’s great that she got it. On another hand, how heartbreaking and how horrible to discover that you have the power to create, and you’ve been using it to destroy that which you love the most.

That is an intense story.

It breaks my heart whenever I think about it.

I’m glad that you shared it because people need to know that. As Catherine Ponder says in her book, “Your word is your wand.” People don’t get it. Sometimes they think that if they say something, it’s supposed to manifest that minute. It usually won’t. It will be in perfect timing, not your timing, but it will manifest. You have to be careful what you not only speak, but also what you think because just like the atom is more powerful than the cell and the neutron, and protons are more powerful than an atom. Our thoughts are equally or more powerful than our words. We all want to cancel the negative and replace it with a thought or a word of what we do want.

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Ultimate Success: Our whole purpose of existence is to think and say things into existence so that we might experience them.


Your experience of “She will be fine” is exactly 100% perfect. People say, “I don’t think that way.” It’s a habit. The way that you think is a habit. There are studies that I’ve heard that say 90% of what we think day-to-day is the same stuff. We’re thinking the same thoughts all day long. If you don’t like it, you change them. Jim Rohn, from one of his cassettes way back when, he was talking about, “If you don’t like where you live, move. You’re not a tree.” If you don’t like what you’re thinking, stop thinking about it. I love what you said. The first thing we say is, “Cancel that.” I would say it 3 or 4 or 50 times, depending on how seriously I thought. If I was upset and there was a lot of energy behind it, I do a lot of canceling. If it was a mumble, I still do like, “Is that done? Good, I’m going to do three more just to make sure.” One of the things to do is to cancel it.

The other thing to do is to have this vision of what you say can nourish everything. Why not talk to your body that you’re healthy? Talk to your teeth, your eye, your vision, whatever part of you. Talk to your relationships. Talk to the people that you love. Talk to your food or at least think, “This is one of the whole things.” I was in a restaurant once and one of my friends went to say grace. She puts her hands a little bit over the bowl or whatever she was doing. I watched all this gold and beautiful light go right into the food. I don’t know what she was doing but afterward, I said, “Keep it up whatever you’re doing.”

I remember when we were in one of the courses with Maharishi in 1970 or 1971. It was either in Humboldt or Amherst. All these different people had all these different diets that they were doing. A lot of people were macrobiotic. Everybody would get up and ask Maharishi, “Should we eat this?” First of all, he said, “Eat what your mommy gives you.” He then said, “What is more important than what you eat is that it is cooked with love and eaten in harmony.”

I’ve heard that story about the woman saint or the teacher who went in and threw out the food.

That’s Sri Ma. This is probably twenty years ago. We hosted Sri Ma who was a great saint. If you’ve ever read the book, Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India, she’s on the cover. She has an ashram here in Napa or Fairfield, California. She used to tour with her Swami and then the whole cavalcade of people would follow behind her. We had twenty-some people staying at our house. We were cooking in the kitchen and making this huge pot of Kitchari because it was for 23 people and arguing about something. In walks Sri Ma, picks up this huge pot of food, dumps it out and said, “I would rather we eat nothing than eat your anger.”

It’s interesting because we don’t pay attention to our lives. We see somebody do something and because we don’t see immediate damage to them, we go ahead and do it. One of the examples that I use all the time is in software development or in every aspect of our life, somebody tries something, then whether it works or not, and whether it’s an advantage or not, everybody now feels they have to do it. When you go to fill out a form online and it comes to your state, you always get a drop-down menu. It is much easier to keep your hands on the keyboard. It is infinitely easier to do that than to take your hand off of the keyboard, move it to the pad, move to the mouse, dropdown.

If you’re one of the first three, you’re good, but sometimes you get countries and they do it alphabetically. If you’re in the United States and they list 192 countries, you’ve got to scroll all the way down. Every single form online, virtually without exception does this and has been doing it for 20 or 30 years because somebody thought of it and everybody says, “That’s a cool feature. We have to do that.” It’s obligatory but it’s stupid. This won’t matter because in a short time, everything will be audio anyway, and we won’t even need keyboards. I don’t want to say it’s a pet peeve.

It’s an interesting example is the keyboard that we all type in is called the QWERTY keyboard. It’s named after the top row below the numbers in the first 5 or 6 characters. It was designed in the mid-1800s. The reason I’m making this point is that it’s a habit. It’s been done before. If it no longer serves you, we need to get rid of it. Here’s the thing. In the mid-1800s, when typewriters were first developed, they were all wires. Everything was wires, bolts and nuts, and all of this stuff. What happened was people could move their fingers faster than these wire things could move and hit the thing. The people who were designing the keyboards specifically set out to make it hard for people to type easy words so that they would type slower so that the keys would lock up. When we were kids, we had electric typewriters and now it’s the computers.

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You could type in and keys would lock up. In fact, one of my fun things to do is to go bang on the typewriter not knowing how to type, and lock up all the keys and see if I could get them all locked up at once. The whole point is that that’s the keyboard that was developed. Carnegie Foundation sponsored a guy named Dvorak to go and do research about typewriting. This was the 1920s where they would have these pools of a room with 90 women typing all day long for these big companies. Their job was to type eight hours a day for the insurance company, which had to have all these legal documents done and everything.

This was before Xerox, photocopies, even before mimeographing. Everything needed to be typed. There were these companies that had rooms with 90 people, 30 people, all women usually because that’s the way the world was then. All they did from 9:00 to 5:00 was to type. They hired this guy named Dvorak to come in and analyze what they were typing. He took the QWERTY keyboard. What he figured out was that an average woman, their fingers move 16 miles a day on this keyboard. He developed a typewriter that had 90% of all the words that you would ever have type are on the home row, which is where you put your fingers in the first place. You type up and down. You don’t even have to reach. This was 90 to 100 years ago. His keyboard in the same eight hours of typing the exact same stuff, a woman’s fingers would move 1 mile instead of 16.

This keyboard has been around since the 1920s. Why are we using the keyboard that we’re using on electronic devices that do not care how fast you move your fingers? The point of this is because we are in habits that don’t serve us. We are in lazy habits and lazy is okay because nature always takes the course of least action which is fine. We’re not averse to lazy. What we’re averse to is lazy, but not getting you where you want to go is not what nature does. Lazy and getting me where I want to go is what it is. We have habits that, at the end of the day, we take a drink. For most of our friends and hopefully, for most people reading, we’re going to meditate, we’re going to do yoga, we’re going do something. If we’re taking a drink, it’s a juice drink, energizer drink, organic, vegan and the whole deal.

One of the things that we want to look at is, what I’m doing or about to be doing, fulfilling my purpose, making me happy, lighting me up, which comes all the way back to this guided exercise that you’re talking, “God, what do we want to create now?” How about heaven on Earth? How about a lovely life for myself and those that I love? Adding even a slight intention, I’d like to leave the day with more people happier than it started. I’d like to help light people up. There’s something good that can be done with who we are now, even if it’s our own inner bliss, even if it’s our own inner light, do something.

One of the things that I loved when we took Yes To Success was you said, “Whatever your most important thing is, even if you only do it for fifteen minutes, do that first.” I remember because there were a lot of days where I was like, “I can fit in fifteen minutes of this now and Debra will be proud of me,” but then I have to get on to do laundry or whatever. First, for fifteen minutes, I will write this letter. I will do whatever it is that gets me and moves me towards the goal. What’s your goal? What are you doing with your life and whatever it is, one of the things that we talk about is if your life’s purpose does not include your own happiness or bliss, that’s not your life’s purpose.

In my Yes To Success course, you took it many years ago. I taught that in my ten-week live course, that you do the most difficult task first, but also the one that’s going to move your life ahead. Oftentimes what we do is we’re so busy with the laundry and the little call you have to make, and this and this. You’re not doing that thing that’s going to move you towards your goals in life. Even if you do fifteen minutes a day. Maybe your goal is to write the great American novel, but you don’t have time by 10:00 at night when you’re exhausted. If you do it first, then the next thing you know, your book is complete. It’s great advice that I gave many years ago.

It’s great advice that you’re doing now, and that you’re giving now. I appreciate your light in the world and the good that you’re doing for people. I want to appreciate you because a lot of times people think they need to be huge to be successful. I love that you teach that that’s not what it’s about. There’s that Jim Carrey quote which is, “I hope everyone gets rich and famous and get everything that they want so that they see that’s not what it’s about.” It’s not temporary, it’s the life of bliss. The life of gratitude. The life of appreciating what’s being presented, even if on one level we see it as ugly or horrific. I love the way that you saw when you were having that experience, the interconnectedness of everything.

I had a client who called me up in the early 2000s. She was in her 40s and some dear friend of hers who was younger than she had died in a car accident. She was going through the, “Why him, not me? Why do good people die?” What I got from when I was connecting to the Divine Mother, which is how I work with people is I connect with the Divine Mother, and then I step away and let takeover or run the show. She said, “Two thousand beings orchestrated him leaving at that moment. It was the absolute perfect moment for him to leave. Maybe he was done with what he’s done here. Maybe he’s needed somewhere else.” We don’t know all of the details, but the fact that many people, that many beings of angels and whoever else was involved as you saw. If we understand one principle or one takeaway from this is God, the Divine Mother, the universe, Lord Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, whoever it is that warms your heart when you think of the divine in that way, not only has your back, but they have your sides and your front. They are the snowplow removing whatever it is. They completely have you and your whole life. Whether you are interpreting it in a positive or negative way, it is divinely orchestrated. It’s up to you to turn it into something that you love, you’re happy with and you’re proud of you.

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Ultimate Success: When you ask God for something, you will get one of three answers: “Yes, you can have that,” “Not yet,” or “I love you too much to give that to you. There’s something better on its way.”

Two of the principles that I believe people could live by and know the perfection of all things. One, and I learned this from a friend of mine who learned it from a 90-year-old African-American man in her AA group. What he said to her was when you ask God for something, you will get one of three answers, “Yes, you can have that, not yet or I love you too much to give that to you. There’s something better on its way.” When we have desires for something, we know that either we’ll get it, but not right now. We say, “Thank you that we didn’t get it because there’s something better on its way.”

The other thing is that it’s easy for us to say when something horrific happens as a young person dies in a car accident like, “It’s divine will and the angels are surrounding him,” which I totally believe, but the pain is still there. You wake up and you think, “Why am I in pain? So and so just died.” It’s there in your physiology. What I tell people to do is locate it in your physiology, breathe it into your physiology and say thank you. Thank you for the pain because gratitude will diminish the pain and it will also allow you to see the truth more quickly.

The other thing is that it’s something that you and I have both done for many years. If you do a meditation technique that rids the body of stress, because when you’re stressed and as Maharishi used to say, “It’s like a line on stone.” Something happens and the impression is so deep that every time we think about it, we re-experience it. Every time we think about that car accident, or think about the husband who left us, or think about the child that won’t talk to us, it reignites that horrible pain inside. As you meditate and you do a technique that allows stress to be released like the TM technique or like the meditation taught through the Art of Living Foundation or any of these scientifically verified techniques that in the laboratory show that they release stress from the nervous system. That same thing can happen.

After you’ve been meditating for a while, it’s more like a line on the sand. Eventually, it’s like a line on the water, then that same thing can happen. It’s like a line on the air. I remember when my father died, my daughter was five years old at the time and we came home. She goes, “Mommy.” I go, “What, sweetie?” She goes, “Do you know that place where Papa was in the box?” I said, “Yes, the cemetery.” She goes, “Why was everybody crying and you weren’t?” I said, “Because everybody thought that Papa was in that box, but I know that wasn’t Papa. That was his body. I know that Papa doesn’t have to be in pain anymore because he had painful cancer. He’s with the angels and with God, and he’s free. The other people don’t know that.” My daughter goes, “Why doesn’t somebody tell them?”

I get that. When my grandmother passed away, I was in Fairfield and everybody from the family went to this thing. It was back in Massachusetts and I couldn’t go and I loved her. She was a real dear woman, 100% Italian, wonderful and all the things that you know about Italian women. When she remarried, she had a beauty shop, a hair salon. This was in the ‘50s, ‘40s, whatever decade it was before I was born. She had long hair and her husband who was male chauvinistic, which he had a prestigious job as vice president of a bank or whatever. He didn’t want his wife working. Even though her favorite thing was to run the shop, he made her close it. She loved it because she got to hang out with her friends all day long.

One of the things that her husband told her was she wasn’t allowed to cut her hair. He liked her long hair. She started cutting 1 inch off her hair every month. After 1.5 years, she had short hair and he came in one day and said, “I like your hair that way.” She passed away and I couldn’t make it to the thing. I was having experiences. I remember walking into the dome for a meditation afternoon group program. As I was walking and I checked in with her, I said, “You’re fine, right?” We had this little conversation as I was walking in. I was like, “I don’t understand why they’re all back there crying and doing all this stuff. She’s fine and everything’s good.” I went in and did meditation and everything.

The world isn’t what we think it is, but whatever you think it is, use it to choose happiness for yourself, happiness for others. The laws of karma are real. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done to you. It’s not difficult, people. Think about what you want to experience. Do not think about what you don’t. We have a program that I’m teaching that we still have a few openings until it ends. I’m allowed to do this twelve-week program of these new principles of how to succeed in this new time. We’re moving from a Newtonian-based reality, which is all about relativity, body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, to a quantum and unified field-based reality where you tickle and bound in this way over here. It lasts on the other side of Jupiter or things pop into existence for no reason whatsoever, and moved backward in time and then dissolve or do whatever they do.

The power of our thoughts is becoming infinitely more powerful. The power of our feelings is hugely powerful, which I know you know of as a manifestation technique. These five rules are, I want what I want and I get it. Do not try to figure it out because if you figure it out, you get in the way. Just like the old thing about the plumber’s rate was $75 an hour unless you help him, then it’s $125 an hour. Do not think and do not entertain whatever it is that you don’t want to happen. Don’t go there. The next one is, whenever you have to struggle, come back to wholeness, come back to self, come back to the source. The last one is the only thing worth taking seriously in life is the joy of life.

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Our purpose of life and the purpose of creation is the expansion of happiness. A life well spent is a life being happy even if you do it in your garden by yourself. We don’t have to be famous. We don’t have to be rich. We don’t have to save the world to help enhance the world. If we take care of us, if we find the principles of our own inner success that I know Yes To Success is all about. If we just do that, the job isn’t what it’s about. It’s about us. It’s about our experience. It’s about who we choose to be in what we choose to experience.

I want to tell one more quick story and it’s a story from Kabbalah. If you feel that what you’re doing is not making a big enough difference in the world because we see the shape that the world is in, we long to do something and we feel helpless. It’s beyond our control like viruses and the political climate. All of these things that are huge and it’s just the little old me. I always think of the story in Kabbalah where a rabbi says to his students who are also saying, “How can I make such a difference in the world?” He said, “Go get a scale of justice,” the ones with the two bowls on the side. He said, “What I want you to do is I want you to take sesame seeds and put an equal amount of sesame seeds on each of the bowls so that they were both equal. If this side of the bowl represents an age of enlightenment, and this side of the bowl represents an age of destruction. Every time you do an act of kindness, whether it’s holding a door for somebody, if it’s giving somebody a compliment, if you’re doing a random act of kindness, if you uplift somebody, if you give somebody a hug, you are putting a sesame seed on the side of the scale, that will bring the world to an age of enlightenment. Every time you speak a harsh word, you take credit when credit isn’t due, you tell a lie, you get angry, whatever it is that you do, you’re putting a sesame seed on the side of the scale that will lead to an age of destruction.”

He then said to his students, “If the scales are completely equal, how many acts of kindness or greatness or goodness would it take to tip the scale to an age of enlightenment?” The answer is one. He said, “How do you not know that that one act of kindness that you did is not going to be the one that tips the world to an age of enlightenment?” We should never think that our actions, even if we’re not on the cover of Time Magazine, every act of grace, every act of kindness, every act of love that we do is a sesame seed on the side of the scale that will bring about a golden age.

My dad taught us several things, but his big thing was to have fun no matter what. When we were walking out of the door to take a test or a driver’s license or whatever, he’d practice with us and make sure we knew it. The last thing he would always say was, “Just have fun.” If he was making a sales call, “Just have fun.” I loved that. The other thing was when he was doing errands, he always goes to the post office, “How are you doing? What’s going on?”

When I was living in Laguna Beach, we had an apartment and they were coming in to put the phones. When the guy comes, I don’t think I had a beer, so he said, “Offer him something to drink. Talk to the guy. This guy does this all day long and everybody ignores him.” I spent some time with him. I have nothing going on. I chatted with the guy for a while. He couldn’t do enough for me when he left, “Here’s a whole bunch of these clips that connect phone wires,” a whole box of them. I have no idea what to do with them. “Here’s this other stuff.” He started giving me all this stuff. All I did was give him the courtesy of attention and a little bit of support. Whenever we go to the grocery store, whoever we’re interacting with, assuming there’s time. There’s always time for a word or two.

Here’s the other thing, we all have those days where we got up on the wrong side of the beds. We’re unstressing and we’re going through some rebalancing in our system. It’s okay to not do it on those days and not beat yourself up. If you’re doing it 350 days a year, don’t worry about the other fifteen. Don’t beat yourself up. Have a good time and enjoy your life. That’s what it’s for. Thank you so much for being here, Debra. I know you and I could talk for at least four more hours before we needed a breather. I wish we had more time. If people want to contact you, what do they do? Where do they go?

There’s the contact form on YesToSuccess.com. Also if they go there, they can get a copy of my free eBook, which is the 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success. It’s not some kind of loss leader. It’s a really good and life-changing eBook. It’s there too. There’s a contact page if you want to get in touch with me. Fill out the contact page and I’m here waiting for you.

We’ll have people get in touch with you. I wish you continued and ever-growing success to whatever you want. I remember being at the Yes To Success seminar where you were teaching it and you said, “All of you think I want to be this. All I want to do is be a mom and raise my kids,” then you went and did that for many years. You then came back and what you say and how you live are perfectly matched. You’re a great example of what’s possible in this world. I don’t think you need to be born anywhere special to decide to move your life in a direction that adds to the world.

Whoever is reading this, take advantage of Debra’s program. Take advantage of our programs at PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com. Have the intention and write to God, “I’d like to do something good and enjoy myself now. What do you want to create? What do we want to create together?” See where it goes in doing that technique every single day, even throughout the day, “What do we do now? Where do we go now?” You can have an amazingly fulfilled life. When you get to the end of it, you feel like you deserve an A-plus report card if such a thing exists. Debra, thank you.

Thank you so much for having me. I look forward to many more interactions with you and your wonderful audience.

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