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There are things you can do to help bring about peace on a planet that so desperately wants, deserves, and needs peace and harmony in life. On today’s podcast, David Adelson, on behalf of the Peace & Harmony Team, offers you a chance to help spread these straightforward and easy to use programs. In a world full of fear and anxiety, you will have the opportunity to get these systems into as many homes, businesses, hospitals, and everywhere as quickly as possible to help heal people. Tune in to this episode to find out how so you can help them change the world.

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How To: Join The Peace & Harmony Team

We’re here to invite you well-wishers of humanity, well-wishers of the world to step up. There are things that you can do with potentially great rewards to help bring about peace on a planet that’s so desperately wants, deserves, and needs peace and harmony in life. We have spent almost the entire life devoted to creating programs and products from that are quantum and unified fields-infused solutions to many of the quandaries and the harmonies that exist in the world to discontent. We’d like to offer you a chance to help us spread these around and these are all very simple and easy to use programs. Many of them are MP3s or video programs that can be completely silent. Some have a little bit of words in the background and we have pacemaker systems or Peacemaker 10,000. It’s a totally revamped system from our earlier ones, which were huge physical 55 inches TVs, 4-foot speakers, big amplifiers. We’ll show you what some of our earlier systems are like and some of our other videos, but we’ve boiled down a huge system to incredibly powerful broadcast towers.

Our Peacemaker 10,000 will radiate to 10,000 people or 10 square miles around where it’s located and it’s simply a brand new 2020 MacBook Air that we’ve transformed into this broadcast tower. We don’t use it as a computer anymore. It’s a dedicated piece of equipment. We have the Peacemaker 14,000 for 14,000 people or 15,000 people, 14 or 15 square miles, and the Peacemaker 30,000 for 30,000 people or 30 square miles, whichever comes closer. Because of population density, people need harmony. They’ll absorb that more than obviously in an open field and that’s what the difference is. If you haven’t experienced that, please go to PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com and there’s a link on the homepage that’ll take you to a free sample that you can try and you can listen to results and see testimonials from people tried both the free sample and bigger versions.

Our goal is to get these systems into as many homes, businesses, hospitals, prisons, and everywhere in the world as quickly as possible to help reduce the fear and anxiety intention that’s reverberating all over the place and also to help heal people. We’ve come up with a list of 7 or 8 ways that you can help become a hero to us, to the divine or to God, and to the world by helping promote tools that create peace and harmony in the world. I want to give credit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the TM Organization, TM Meditation. I was a TM teacher in the early ‘70s, have been on faculty at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa. It’s through the knowledge that I gained through their fully accredited kindergarten through PhD programs. I have a couple of Master’s from them. My undergraduate is from there. It’s there that I learned physics, quantified field theory, consciousness, and the unification between the two.

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It is the studies of what’s called the Mariachi Effect, which is when a group of people get together and practice the TM and TM advanced programs, TMCT program in large groups. It reduces crime in the area. It improves the weather. It improves the economy and it reduces accidents. There are so many benefits and it was based on that model that our Peacemaker systems were designed. The earlier versions of those which were called Smooth Transition Systems that have machines that came out, we’ve gone through 5 or 6 iterations of that. The newest ones are the most powerful, the most profound and the most cost-effective way to generate peace and harmony in the world. It only takes one person to do it. Aside from opening the package, it takes five minutes to set it up.

It’s very simple. You open your laptop or computer, you turn it on, you enter the password, which is Peace, and everything is set to go. You press the space bar to play it. One little other instruction, you click down in the program to select it to loop, so it keeps going and that’s it. Everything else is set up and you put it somewhere and let it run 24/7. The effects are cumulative as the longer it is in one place, the more density, the energy, the quality of peace and harmony, and dissolving of stress and increase of love, starts radiating out further into the environment. We have a sample that anyone can try. You can get it to PureLight Audio, which is an app for Android and Apple.

You can get to try these programs. We’ve created hundreds of solutions for all kinds of different discomforts that we can have, problems that we have, that are all designed to be completely effortless. Take almost no time at all and be very profound because they all work from that unified field or quantum field basis. These are the type of programs that we’ve created and people we’ve worked with and people have used some have noticed profound and significant results, sometimes within a few moments and sometimes the more it’s run, the longer it is. The benefits of the Peacemaker systems are people in the upstairs apartment stopped stomping around all the time without ever being confronted. It just happened.

HWC 28 | Peace And Harmony Team

Peace And Harmony Team: We want to get this quality of peace and harmony all worldwide. That’s our goal.


People started to notice that as they approached the apartment building that they lived in, they were feeling more peace. Other people notice that 7 miles away from their house using the bigger systems. They felt this cushion that never been there before they use this system and then once they pass that, they were in this protective sphere that 7 miles away from their house. People have reported a crime rate dropping in their neighborhood. People have reported averting forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and they’re bosses stop yelling at them, more harmony at work, less bickering, squabbling, and arguments within the family. To the point of someone can turn on the sample on the phone, in their car, and within a few minutes, it settles down. If it turns off, for some reason, the arguments start coming back up and they turn it right back on.

We know people that the husband was noticing that the wife was getting more agitated. He turned on the program on his phone, didn’t tell her it’s in his pocket. She settled down and instead of a very frustrating evening for the two of them, they had a very sweet, loving evening instead. These are very powerful, incredibly easy to use. They’re designed completely silent so that you can play them anywhere. You don’t have to try them out. Turn it on and let it play. There’s no benefit to watching the screen. It just plays in the background. People have used them on business calls or in business meetings where it plays in the background on their laptop computer while they’re working on their spreadsheet. Instead of the normal disharmony and bickering between the different departments, the meetings have gone completely smooth.

What we want to do is we want to get this quality of peace and harmony all worldwide. That’s our goal. We’re asking for you to help us do that. We have several ways and you’re going to like number five and especially number six. I’m going to start and tell you what you can do. The first thing you can do is, read the blog. The show is on all distribution sites. Enjoy it. They all have harmonizing qualities running through it, healing qualities running through every episode. We talked to a lot of significant people who are doing great, good things for the world. Share it, rate it, give it five stars if you feel it’s worth it, and subscribe.

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That’s the first thing you can do with our seven ways. The second is that you can post on social media about us. Post about the show, post about what we’re doing, share links to our website. Share your experiences with one or more of our programs or products. Let people know. Post it anywhere. Number three, buy and use our Peacemaker systems, the big Peacemaker 10,000, 14,000, 15,000, 30,000, or some of the other solutions. Try it, use it, write a review on PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com, which is automatically shared on Facebook, share your experiences on other social media. Tell others the benefit about what you’ve noticed.

One of the things about the Peacemaker systems is that they come with a guarantee. The guarantee is that you will notice something significant within three days, or you ship it back to us. We pay for return shipping and you get your full money back. You send it back in a new condition so that we can sell it to someone who does notice something. You don’t have to wait a long-time to find out if this is working for you. If you haven’t noticed anything in three days, the first thing we’re going to suggest is, turn it off and watch what the next day or two it’s like. If things have been okay, and then suddenly things get bad and life becomes more of a struggle, turn it back on again, experiment with it, but you’ll know very quickly whether it’s working for you or not.

If it’s not working for you, which would surprise us, but sometimes people don’t have those clear experiences, send it back, so there’s no risk. That was number three to buy and use that. When you use it, any of these are going to have an effect bigger than your living room, bigger than your office. It’s going to go out and radiate into the environment and the effects are cumulative. The more systems out there, as if network together to create a shield of peace and harmony around particular areas wherever it is. Whether it’s in your apartment building, house, neighborhood, or work. It’s a way, for instance, that if you’re in a high crime area, one business, having them or better several businesses, having them can reduce crime in that area. We’re very excited about that. It also reduces accidents.

HWC 28 | Peace And Harmony Team

Peace And Harmony Team: One of the first benefits that people notice with these programs is that they feel safe, well cared for, and well taken care of by God.


Number four is you can become an affiliate and sell these programs and earn money. The affiliate program for the Peacemaker programs are for every Peacemaker 10,000 that you inspire someone else to try and buy, you’ll get $1,000. It’s $2,000 for the Peacemaker 14,000 or 15,000, and it’s $3,000 for the Peacemaker 30,000. All of these are on sale during the world pandemic crisis. As long as this is going on, we’re going to sell our programs at significantly reduced rates. Number five is, can you introduce us to joint venture partners or influencers who can try it, and if they like it, can be allowed speaker for the benefits of these and can let people know that these exist. In this country, we have spent more than $600 billion every year for years on the military budget.

The question is, do you feel safe? One of the first benefits that people notice with these programs is that they feel safe, well cared for, and well taken care of by God. They feel taken care of by something way bigger than themselves, which is a very huge and powerful benefit. This is the one that I like the most because of the world situation, which is that we have programs that we can sell to police stations, hospitals, prisons, fire stations, first responder organizations. We can sell them the entire systems, but we also have digital files that someone can bring into these locations, to the police station, for instance. If they have a PA system running through their facility or prison, they can run this silently in the background 24/7 at no charge. We’re offering it for free. When the situation in the world shifts, it’s a moderate fee, it’s something like $1 for a prisoner or a month if for a prison, or for the maximum number of people in a hospital or something.

If it’s for a profit organization, I think it’s double that. It’s very cost-effective. If you want to call the police station, a hospital, a prison, a fire station, or any of these first responders, we will provide a script that you can call and offer it to them and then we’ll give you a program that you can load onto a thumb drive and bring it in and offer it to them. All that we ask is that we can monitor what happens with it being there. Maybe 3, 4 or 5 statistics of what the last three months have been and then what happens when we’re doing it? Where will you use that for our scientific research to document the benefits? We can give it to them for free. If you would like to do that, you’d be a huge hero to them, to us, to the neighborhood, to the world. We encourage you to do that.

Number seven is, promote us anywhere and everywhere to everyone. “Are you feeling tense? Are you feeling stressed? I’d like to tell you about something that I experienced. I’d like to recommend this to you.” You can also make videos, testimonials that we can use on our site. Comments in the different social media for us, or especially on our website, on YouTube, for the show, rate us and give comments. These are all huge things that can be done to help bring this to the world. I want to point out that this is my life’s work. A lot of what we have done has been a great personal cost for more than half a century. This is a time where we can do this and we do offer these programs. It’s okay that there’s a little money exchanged and we make a little money and we’d like you to as well. That’s why we have the affiliate program. We’d love to help you and we would love to let you know that whatever you do for any of these, there will be benefits to you. You will certainly be a hero to us. You’ll receive blessings. You will receive good karma.

You are becoming a hero. You’ll receive love and money again. If you are in the family that’s been having arguments for centuries and you know somebody who can do something in your room and suddenly there’s so much more harmony and in the family, the violence decreases, abuses start dissipating in the home and in the neighborhood, and violence starts to decrease that’s hugely appreciated by God, by the divine, by everyone everywhere. We encourage you, we love you and wish you all success. If you have any questions about what you can do, or if you want to be a hero this way for peace and harmony for the world, we encourage you to do it. We are forever grateful. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to do, or any ideas that you have. Let’s move forward, bring forth a world of peace and harmony. Thank you.

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