HWC 30 | At Home Within Yourself


Aloha! If you’re reading this, you’re one step closer to feeling at home with yourself and becoming aligned to your purpose. Join in as David Adelson gets into a powerful conversation with Lani Kamauu Yamasaki, a Native Hawaiian entrepreneur, business development consultant and personal development coach. For over 30 years, Lani has been empowering individuals and communities to recover from trauma and build resilience through hoʻoponopono and the creation of social legacy programs. In this episode, Lani and David cover everything from self-love, self-forgiveness, self-responsibility and inner alignment. As a bonus, learn what the terms “hoʻoponopono” and “kuleana” mean and what significance these traditional concepts hold for you. Enjoy the episode and Mahalo for taking the time to partake of Lani’s wisdom.

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How To: Feel At Home Within Yourself Through Love, Forgiveness And Self-Responsibility With Lani Kamauu Yamasaki

I am excited to have with me the delightful Lani Yamasaki. We’re going to be solving the problem of coming home to oneself, feeling grounded and centered within who we each are. When we feel at home within ourselves, we can feel at home anywhere, anytime, and any place. Lani has some fabulous knowledge and wisdom. Lani, I’ll let you give us an overview of what we’re going to cover.

I would love to be able to talk about the power of Kuleana. It is Hawaiian for your responsibility this lifetime and even your past lifetimes, and how this comes together to be of service to the world. In turn, how that fuels your passion for life and feelings of being safe, seen, heard, and respected.

That sounds wonderful. I’m grateful that you’re here. Your energy is so delightful. We’ve talked before. We’ve met at the New Media Summit. We talked there and you have such a warm and delightful personality. One of the qualities I love about you is that you’re easy to laugh, which is fabulous and I’m jealous. I was thinking about that. I should be laughing way more. I’ll read your bio that you sent us. As a native Hawaiian entrepreneur, business development consultant and personal development coach for over 30 years, Lani empowers individuals and communities to recover from trauma and build resiliency. She supports their healing journey through Ho’oponopono.

We’ll talk about what that is, how to integrate that in your life and put good use to it. It’s a concept that I’ve also gone into great detail in a two-day seminar thing that I did a while back. I love the idea and we expand it quite a bit. That will be fun to talk about. You also help people with the creation of social legacy programs, which enhance community wellness and stewards nature. I’m big on legacy these days on, what are you leaving behind? I don’t care what age you are. The sooner you have in mind what you want your legacy to be, which doesn’t need to be fame or a fortune, that’s committed to some good, but it’s what you feel you’ve added to the world while you were here. Her clients include Fortune 200 companies. You’ve received Hawaii’s Governor Award for Distinguished Community Outreach. You are a Ford Fellow and Smithsonian Fellow.

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One of the benefits of them is that when people are more harmonious and more at peace, they make better decisions. We want our leaders to be making great decisions. The more people that have these systems, we increase the possibility and the likelihood that people will make better decisions on our behalf. One more thing I want to remind people, like the show, give us five-star reviews, subscribe, share with others, tell other people about this. In each of our episodes even, we’re running the Peace and Harmony sample behind it. People notice when they’re playing the podcast, that they’re feeling better and more relaxed. Sometimes we add some healing things and Quantum-Infused or Unified Field-Infused solutions at that level too. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Lani, let’s start with what you feel you can help people the most. Let’s start with the big picture and then let’s get to the smaller points of it.

What a joy, honor and privilege it is to be here with you. Mahalo for having me as your guest.

You’re welcome. Thank you for being here.

HWC 30 | At Home Within Yourself

At Home Within Yourself: Ho‘oponopono is a personal process of coming to a place of peace, balance and forgiveness with yourself every day.


That’s an interesting question because I’m seeing “peace and harmony will save the day” behind you. I want to talk about Kuleana. I’m now compelled to talk about peace and harmony and why this is important and how we can bring it into our lives. I’m going to say the first thing I learned. I’m Hawaiian but I’m also Chinese and Japanese. I’m a typical mixture in Hawaii. My dad says I’m a mutt. I’m a mutt, but we say we’re Hapa or mixed in Hawaii. That made me at a young age. When my Kupuna or my elders raised me, they said, “You need to look at each one of the bloods that’s raised through you and find out what the gifts are from all of these ancestors. Each one of the different ethnicities you come from, the cultures are so rich. If you begin to understand the history of all the blood inside of you and your ancestors, you will have a better idea as to who you are and why you came to this earth.”

They’ve also told me, I was in my twenties, “The hardest thing you’re going to learn in your life is how to love yourself.” I was about 25 and I remember inside going, “What’s so hard about that?” He planted the seed and because I’m a serious student of his, I examined that deeply. I began to realize that there are ways that I’m not good at loving myself. Something as simple as making sure to get up and stretch after being at the computer for such a long period of time or remembering to drink my water to be hydrated. Simple things that I found in the pursuit of wanting to be of service, I was neglecting myself. Maybe many of your readers can relate to that. I have a sense that people who are your fans and who are here to help create more peace and harmony on Earth, many times they have a tendency to give until they’re maybe depleted.

There are two things that I love about what you said and that is this idea of self-love and then service. In my personal case, I honestly and truly believe for most of my life that my life was a sacrifice and that it was a throw-away, whether it’s remembering things from the past that ended painfully. A lot of us who are on the path to help have been crucified or worse in the past for being who we are. We need to do forgiveness for ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves. To be honest, it’s still something I’m dealing with.

Somehow my mother comes up a lot in these episodes. She’s a significant and powerful woman as ancestors can be. She had a hard time for a lot of reasons that I won’t go into. For most of the time that she was alive, I was understanding and sympathetic towards what had happened to me because I could see it from her perspective. There’s one thing that I cursed her for years. We’ll talk about Ho’oponopono. I know that one of the aspects of that is about how we are the creators of our lives. We will talk about this in a bit because it’s worth it. We spend a good half hour of the first morning of my two-day seminar talking about this to the extent and how huge it gets to be. For a long time, what I felt that I learned from my mother was how to hate myself. Just like you, being a good student, I learned it very well. Undoing that and undoing the beating yourself up and not taking ourselves so seriously is a huge thing in life.

Ho’oponopono is a family process of reconciliation and making peace and it’s also a personal process. I want to emphasize this because this is what my goal is when I work with my students. It’s practicing Ho’oponopono coming to a place of peace and balance and forgiveness every day with yourself. That’s important because you’re right, David. Many of us will beat ourselves up and say, “I didn’t do it fast enough. I didn’t do it good enough. I could have done more.” That is quite abusive. If you look at it especially in a classical Ho’oponopono way because you’re always in touch with your Unihipili, which is your inner child. It’s your soul, which has witnessed your whole passage from the beginning because that soul remains evolving throughout time.

If the way I have treated myself for most of my life could be seen by others, the part of me that was treating me that way would have been put in jail. They would have said, “You’re way out of line here. We’re going to chill you out for a couple of decades because that’s not the way you treat people.” It’s certainly not the way that I would ever knowingly treat others. We can all lose our cool sometimes, but how much do you beat yourself up for whatever? I have firmly believed for many years that not going to bed on time was a huge evil and I mean by fifteen minutes. If I thought my bedtime was 10:00 and I didn’t make it until 10:15 or 10:30, I would beat myself up the next day and blame everything that went wrong on my not getting to bed. It meant I screwed up and that’s why things go wrong, which is not only unreasonable but downright stupid.

I’m not good with time. I think you know and most of my audience that I have this connection with the Divine Mother. It was 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and I was going to bed, which I haven’t done for a while. I said to the Divine Mother while I was brushing my teeth, “I did it again. I’m going to bed at 2:00,” and her response was, “So?” I was like, “Really?” I could have, “So you didn’t tie your shoelaces right. So the tie is crooked.” I teach my people and I want to know what you teach your people, but one of the big things that we go on about is oops is a fabulous way to deal with it. Oops and move on. Let it go.

I would say release or switch because when you dwell too much on this, it begins to fester and that is not what we want. We want to acknowledge it. The whole Ho’oponopono practice that I teach or I mentor my students with is how to take a 360-degree view of witnessing your actions outside of yourself. Be able to witness the situations of those around you outside of yourself with detached compassion because we don’t want to be triggered. When we trigger and go into a reaction that can escalate situations. Especially now in the time that we’re in a pandemic, we don’t want to keep on escalating and taxing our adrenals. They’re already taxed because of what our communities are experiencing with the pandemic. That’s what I teach my students. It’s to take that bird’s eye view to be unattached but practice compassion, and be able to see the negative and positive polarity of the situation. Why did you create this situation for your own learning? Being accountable for why this life lesson came to you. How fast do you want to dwell on this? Where do you want to get it and move forward?

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One of the things we teach people is truthfully, whatever happens, you can say thank you for. We’re not going into whether it’s a useful desire or not. It’s either fulfillment of a desire or it’s past karma or whatever coming back, and now it’s cleared. When we say thank you and we don’t toss it back in the ring. We don’t put the ball back in play. We let it in. I love this idea of when we look at the soul from its inception, which for those who understand it far more than a single lifetime. We want to nourish that and we want to come out of this life experience positively. Some growth has taken place, some advancement, some connection. We realize a lot of the petty things that we blow up are insignificant. What do you feel? I believe that all souls regardless of their path have a few intrinsic trajectories. They have something about them. What do you feel they are?

To me, the soul comes back over and over again on a mission to consciously evolve with the ultimate goal of merging with the divine. Whether you say it’s a divine or source or God. That’s how I was raised. This is the ultimate goal and to merge into this consciousness. For those people in your audience who have done past life regressions for instance or whether it’s with somebody or yourself, you begin or I began to see a pattern to emerge. You brought it up, David. Many of us who are here to be of service have had many lifetimes. Now I’m going to go deeper into that. You didn’t say that quite but you’re alluding to it. It’s many lifetimes of being of service and the messenger gets slayed many times.

It’s a lot of memories of wanting to be of service and now here we are. To me, a big purpose of understanding your soul lineage is to string together, to have an understanding of your past lives, and to look at the healing and the lessons that came from those lives so that we don’t repeat the same thing. If we do, we’re conscious of it, then the question becomes, “I know what the lesson is. Do I need this lesson again? It’s painful. How long do I have to dwell in this pain? Can I learn the lesson in another way? Can I dial-up another way of receiving this lesson and then move through that portal? Done, move on to the next lesson that I’m here to evolve and learn from.”

It’s crucial when we talk about the long-range goal of the soul. The reason that we want to merge with the divine is because of unbounded love and unbounded bliss. The more of that we can experience as we’re going through life, the more value we’re adding to ourselves, to our service or however you want to say it. I seriously believe that the purpose of creation is the expansion of happiness. The creator creates because it’s no fun to play alone. It’s fun to see what’s going on. Any parent knows that when the child falls and scrapes its knee that it gives you the opportunity to pour more love into the child at that time. When they’re off running around independent, you still love them but it’s not such an aggressive love, which is an interesting way to express it.

One more thing is when we look at service and who we’re here to serve, sometimes it’s our family. Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s the divine God, Mother Mary, Lord Christ, Buddha, Chakra, Muhammad, the God of Moses, whatever it is. We firmly believe that whatever separateness we perceive it here, those guys are all great friends and great supporters of each other. None of them is jealous that you were born in Hawaii and therefore you believe in this, or you’re born in Israel or Taiwan or whatever that they all work in harmony together. That’s part of what we need to do.

I want to bring out that we don’t all have to be great leaders to serve. Sometimes we serve by being a light in our community that has no fame. People know that this is a good person and this is somebody I like to be around. That’s all and yet we’re bringing a light that may be affecting people dozens of miles away through our own light. Does that mean we have to be the one standing on the church or the Capitol steps? I want people to not feel pressured to do something because you think that’s what you need to do to serve. I think that this is your alignment. You’re talking about the inner alignment. Talk about that because that’s exactly what they need to be in to truly serve, which may not look on the outside as they expect it to.

I’ll do that but I want to point out and emphasize what you said. Especially in times like this, that one person radiating that love and creating joy, that’s huge in terms of the ripple effect that goes out in the quantum field. I don’t know if you knew this. I found this out that at least in the United States, if you look at a circle, 3/4 of that circle representing our population have some form of mental illness and that includes depression. That’s big especially when you contrast that now to what’s going on with the pandemic and how people are falling more depressed and more unhappy. If one person can generate genuine joy, love and happiness, that is huge because the alignment that I’m going to refer to is what we understand in Hawaiian traditional culture, which is it all radiates and leads from you and your alignment totally with the creator, with your ancestors, with those around you, your Ohana or your family, including your extended family and back to nature. As we heal, those around us heal. That is the alignment.

When you look at what many of our ancestors have gone through, I don’t know one community who has not gone through some type of genocide in some form or shape. How that is then passed on through the dreams. That’s what I believe at least. When you have this alignment and you’re very clear of your power to heal and know that you then can affect those who came before you, those present and those yet to come. That’s powerful.

One of the ways that I’ve referred to this virus is that nature has said to the entire human race, “You need to take a time out in your room and think about what you’ve done.” One of the things that are happening for most people and those who are taking the time to do any type of introspection, anytime you’re locked up in your room, your apartment or your building for a while especially if you don’t like it, you start thinking, what did I do wrong? Why am I here? How can I avoid this in the future? We start recognizing that maybe some of the decisions that we made is we gave away power that we shouldn’t have.

HWC 30 | At Home Within Yourself

At Home Within Yourself: The soul comes back over and over again on mission to consciously evolve with the ultimate goal of merging with the divine.


When we recognize that, then we can take back our power and become empowered in ourselves. I truly believe that the way you have a powerful nation is you have a nation of powerful people. If you want to have a smart nation, you have to have a nation of smart people. If you want to have a loving nation, a grateful nation, a supportive nation, a healing nation, those are all qualities that you want most of the population to have. This idea that you were talking about, when we get even one person or a group of people, and this is what our Peace Maker System is about, the Peace Maker 10,000, 14,000 or the 30,000, is that’s one of the first things people notice in their own home. People in the apartment upstairs stop stomping around. People start talking about how they’re approaching your place, depending on the size of the system where you live, whether as you approach the building or 7 miles away. People have said, “Something’s going on here.”

When we get an individual who’s in alignment through your programs or whoever’s programs. Our own Forever In Flow program is a similar thing about getting people in alignment. When you can get the alignment to that deepest level to your soul, I think you’ll agree with this. When we talk about alignment, it’s not the alignment of heart and mind. It’s the alignment of heart, mind, intellect and all levels of you, all the way through your ego, to your soul, to your oversoul or higher self, all the way to the divine and to the source, unboundedness, unified fields, all the laws of nature, pure conscious, whatever we want to call it. It’s complete alignment like that. When we’re in complete alignment like that, the rest of creation automatically supports us because we’re helping and we’re completely where we want to be. From what you’ve described, that sounds like the purpose of your programs is to help people. Do you want to talk a little bit about your programs?

One of my programs, which I am excited and wild about is I have a mentorship circle. It is specifically for wellness practitioners. I work with a lot of psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers. I just happen to be that way. These are all people who understand that in order to be of service in the wellness field, we need to understand people’s cultural background and address people soul-to-soul. It’s a not checkbox like when you go into a doctor’s office, “Here’s the checkbox, fill out this questionnaire.” Sometimes the doctor doesn’t even look you in the eye. They’re looking at that checkbox. I love this program and what people are saying about it because it allows people to drop in with their clients soul-to-soul, no hierarchy and begin to have a conversation and what we call top story.

A top story is about, “Let me understand what went on in your day, what’s going on with your family. You begin to understand where a person is, but then you also are calling in their Aumakua or their ancestors, their guardian. You’re also calling in their creator. We say Akua for God. You’re bringing in their teams, then together with the team and the person, you’re going to co-create a treatment plan. This is traditional in Hawaiian medicine. This allows the person to buy into it and say, “I can do this,” or not. It is a sacred contract that you have with someone that comes to you for healing and wellness, knowing that you’re just a facilitator of healing. You’re not the one. You’re just a facilitator.

In this program, we do personal Ho’oponopono. What do I mean by that? People then understand and begin to embody traditional Hawaiian practices that allow them to come home to themselves, that allow them to assess the situation. For instance, there’s competition. In the mainstream Western road, we look at competition as, “We’re going to be the best. We’re going to be the first one at the door, no matter what,” even if it means putting somebody else down. When you look at it from a traditional Hawaiian point of view, we don’t exist well in that Western road at all. Competition for us is how can we better ourselves and fulfill our potential on Earth?

It’s upsetting to watch. It came up on YouTube. Unfortunately, you can skip it out after five seconds, but there are a lot of political ads that are bad-mouthing their opponent. One of the things that you notice about a lot of successful people is they compete with who they were. They compete with themselves. “What I did last time, can I do better?” I don’t want to say indifference, but they’re not moved by what somebody else does. They’re only challenged by, “Can I serve more? Can I do this faster, slower, better?” For a lot of healers, in my experience, it’s always been more intimately and deeper. We want results but if you can touch their heart, it’s such a powerful healing method because people want to be heard.

As we’re talking about, few people naturally feel at home, especially in the West. I don’t know about other cultures that much. My son probably does because he lives in Asia most of the time trapped there during Coronavirus and not loving it. He’s lived in Asia for the past 10, 12 years. In our culture, we’re taught to want more to strive for more but it’s not necessarily a meaningful more. Does it matter to me whether I have car X or car Y, Ford or Tesla? Does it matter if my house is bigger or if people driving by are seeing more flowers or if I have a title on the door and everything? The existence of a midlife crisis says you’re out of alignment.

If you had grown up being concerned about fulfilling your purpose, being in alignment, and contributing to the community that way, it’s a different thing than not even understand that they were contributing, but it’s just “I want.” You should want this. These scissors are better than this knife. This car is better than that car. These clothes are better. Getting out of high school with this on your resume or CV or whatever they call it, then having a job that has this on it. The more you work, the better it looks in your obituary and all of that. None of that has anything to do with who you are and what’s important to you. You then hit this midlife crisis, “What am I doing?”

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I see it all the time. That goes back to peace and harmony and the value and practice that we call Lokahi. You’re going to appreciate this. When we say Lokahi, if you think of an equilateral pyramid with the source or divine or God at the top, the left is humanity and the right is nature. It is this interdependence between the three realms that truly sustain us. If we take care of each other realms, the realms take care of us. If we take care of nature, she in turn takes care of the earth. If we pay attention to God, to the creator, to the deity, they then pay attention to us. If we pay attention and take care of our families, we in turn are nurtured by our family.

This Lokahi means peace and harmony but in practice, it is the interrelationship between these three realms of spirit, nature, and ourselves and the community. Why this is important is when you look at what Lokahi means, Loa is in the presence of spirit, ahi is the fire. That is like a double meaning to that. The fire is enlightenment. When you practice Lokahi, you are in alignment with spirit. You also then ignite here. I’m surprised I’m talking about this. I usually don’t but there’s something about you.

You need to point out that you’re pointing to your third-eye area.

The pineal gland, the third-eye. It’s about enlightenment. It’s about your soul being enlightened. That is what Lokahi is. When I say enlightened, I mean that it creates this fire and an evolution of consciousness in you.

There’s a phrase in Vedic literature, Veda, that refers to the same thing. It means fire of all-knowing awareness, but the phrase has that quality of brilliance of fire. Fire and brilliance are the same things. Many cultures traditionally have placed so much value on the sun and appropriately so. That concept of the brilliance of, “Can I be a sun? Can I have that quality that is unquestionably loving and nourishing to everything everywhere?”

I’m still glad you said that because for us in ancient Hawaiian culture, the sun is the creator as in many earth-based cultures. It is the fire of renewal. It’s life-giving.

Because without the sun, there is nothing. In Vedic literature, there’s a connection between sun and ego in the sense of nourishment, what your purpose, and what we’re here to do. I hate to break it to people, but we’re not here to make money but because of the structure of life on earth, we can make money doing what we’re here to do, which is interesting. I’m sure you have stories with your clients as other people do, where when they stop chasing money and start doing what they’re supposed to do. Money comes in abundance. Do you have such experiences?

Absolutely, and David, the name for sun in Hawaiian is Kala and that is the word for money. It’s a beautiful correlation. This is what I encourage all my clients and students to do, which is when you pursue the money just for the pursuit of money, that is not in alignment with what you’re here to do, which is to consciously evolve. When you discover your Kuleana, when you discover your unique responsibility that only you have in this world, you grow into it. Living that Kuleana opens up portals into the mysteries and then offers you the opportunities to consciously evolve through living your responsibilities.

I’m one of those people that even though there were times that I didn’t know what the structure of what I was here to do was I knew the basic idea of what it was. Even though there were decades where I was like, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?” It seems like I should be doing more or I should be chasing this or doing that. The overall thing was that the guidance that I got was I did fine, I did well. To the point where I did some pretty big things in the past couple of years and I was effectively shut down. They said, “We won’t let you do anything else anymore,” which is an interesting way to be because anybody who goes for the Olympic, they go for the Oscar, they go for whatever level. In my head, it had nothing to do with fame or anything. It had to do with, what more can I do to help people on this planet?

HWC 30 | At Home Within Yourself

At Home Within Yourself: From a traditional Hawaiian point of view, competition is all about how can we better ourselves and fulfill our potential on earth.


I still have some clients. I still have a wonderful program for long-term meditators to help them get to a higher state of consciousness, which is fulfilling and fun. Other than that, I’ve also created more than 700 Quantum-Infused, Unified Field-Infused programs that are sitting there that I feel would be great to get these out into the world. I can’t intend to do that to heal the world because they won’t let me and I can’t chase money. I can’t say, “Let me sell a whole bunch because I’ll make a lot of money,” and then I can buy a house because I’m in Southern California, which is almost as expensive as Hawaii. In my case, everything appears to be an alignment, yet there’s some question about, “Now, what do I do?” I enjoy and in fact, I can fill my day so easily with the garden, the family, and all of that, but also how does that allow cash to flow? That’s my question to you.

That’s a big one. This is what I saw as you were speaking. The first one is you’ve been ahead of your time for a long time. The frequencies that you have in your program that affects the quantum field, it’s open now for people to receive it in a way that it hasn’t been ever. That is primarily done being open because of the pandemic and how we’re now in a unifying field together globally of people addressing their fears and beyond. The pandemic is unifying us in a global way through our examining, what are our values? What don’t we value anymore? What is the extraneous, best and highest good? It’s opening up the quantum field inside of themselves in a way that has not been done before.

This is what’s coming through me. Your programs are so advanced that humanity can’t take it all in right now because they’re still in expansion mode. The expansion mode comes through love and joy through the highest frequencies that you can bring. What I’m hearing is that there’s a pause because people know it will come. It’s going to be a flood gate that opens and they want it, but they’re still opening up their field. We know that the universe lives inside of us. There’s an alignment process that the doors have just opened. They’re saying to you, “Hold on, wait,” because what you have is already advance. Humanity is catching up but it doesn’t mean that you yourself are not going to keep on evolving.

Things are going to be coming through you. I’m sure it is but it’s not yet. There may be a select group of people who come to you who are ready for this field. I hear harmonics. They’re ready for that but the rest of the road is opening up and catching up. The other thing though, is that I don’t think the flow has ever stopped, but where’s the flow being directed to right now? I feel it would be great to go to the communities. There are two things. One, I saw leaders because it’s lonely at the top or what they call outliers. There are a lot of leaders who are leaders because they think out of the box. They think like you, David. They’re looking for you. To look at leadership who can benefit and bring this into their community, your Peace and Harmony programs. Also, I’m reluctant to say the word thought leaders because it does this little thing, but I see you working with the people who are looking at quantum physics neuroscience. This is neuroscience. This is epigenetics. This all can play into this. I see that there as well. I don’t know if I’ve answered your question.

I’m delighted to hear you say what you say for a number of reasons. One of which is it gives a powerful example of how working with you could help somebody with your insights and your connection. I’m grateful for that. Thank you for that. That was sweet. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot and I apologize if I did. I did want to show that even though you’re talking about certain things in a certain way, that your own relationship with your clients goes so much deeper and more profound. I want people to understand that whether it’s you or someone else, don’t settle for something less than that kind of level of connection, that’s connected to truth, wholeness and totality, whether it’s working with you or working with people I’ve trained in my Forever In Flow program. There’s a number of people that we both know that we could name and thought leaders.

The truth is I have fun in the lab which is creating these programs. I’d rather go to the beach, which I can’t do now because of whatever even though I lived ten minutes away. I’d rather be playing these days and I do when I work with clients and stuff. As far as the marketing of it, my feeling is right or wrong, that’s not my bliss. It is going to be somebody else when the right people come along. We have a system that we can put this one system that will take care of the entire country of India. What’s to say of all the smaller things and what we can do. If you’re a well-wisher of your community and I’m speaking to the readers now or for you, your friends, or people that you know. We do have an affiliate program that should be well up and running by the time this is published.

You can make a good income offering this to people who are looking for it, who are like, “What can I do for peace? What can I do in my neighborhood to stop police brutality, racial discrimination, sexual abuse, rapes, crime? All of these things and to get my leaders to be thinking in a way that benefits people instead of worrying about their re-election so that they can have whatever it is. I don’t want to speak badly of anyone because I tend to think for the most part. People are trying to find their own fulfillment and they’ve misunderstood something or they’ve been outright told something that isn’t to their benefit.

One of the big things that are happening on the planet, we’re rethinking what’s right, what’s wrong, what serves us, what doesn’t serve us. To me, that’s huge. I remember thinking awhile back. I know these certain changes have to happen in the world. I wonder how it’s going to be done, and then the Coronavirus. I said, “That’s good. That’s a brilliant stroke from nature because it allows us to grow tremendously without more problems being created. The other thing I want to encourage people to do is don’t pay attention to the news. News is not your friend.

When you discover your kuleana, that unique responsibility that only you have, it offers you the opportunity to consciously evolve. Click To Tweet

News is a secondary trauma.

You don’t want to put that in your awareness. You don’t want to be thinking of that. If you want to be thinking about something, think about the fun places, think about the things that light you up and inspire you, which is different for each of us. Maybe it’s ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, cartoon characters, books that we’ve read or Harry Potter or whatever it is. The people who love Harry Potter love Harry Potter because here’s somebody who has a unique aspect and quality to himself. He owns who he is and he does what he needs to, to be true to who he is. That’s it. These seven volumes to take us through this huge thing or the movies or whatever we are. It’s all about this young man being true to who he is and coming out a champion. What is it within us? This is back to your thing of alignment or our Forever In Flow. I’m sure there are big ones that I know of that talk about getting to alignment to this level. Many problems are what you want or help you get rich and stuff. One of the things I love about you, Lani, is that you see the big picture. You present it to people in a way that it has a much bigger impact, which is fabulous. Thank you for doing that.

Mahalo, David. You and I have much the same Kuleana, which is peace and harmony. My Kuleana is to serve as a catalyst for people to consciously evolve and to bring in peace and harmony into their lives.

The thing is that it’s there when we allow the agitation to go away or we stop giving importance to it. I grew up with a great drama. My mother was Italian and she brought all of that fire into our lives. It was normal in my family to have great trauma over which spoon too, or whether this dress looked good on either of my sisters. Whatever it was, there’s a lot of that going around. My whole thing has always been, “Leave me alone. I’m going to my room. This is boring. This is not anything I want to be part of.” I remember at one point my younger sister was asleep and we were running off to go somewhere.

There are all kinds of entertaining stories about how late we often were. My sister was asleep and everybody went to wake her up. My mother is screaming. My sister was like, “No, we should do this.” In the middle of this, I said, “Hang on a second.” I walked over and I looked at my sister. I realized that they’re talking about shaking her or spilling water on her or something that would be a traumatic wake-up. I looked at her and I said, “What’s a peaceful way for her to wake up?” I gently squeezed her nose together for a second. She woke up and she looked at me. She said, “Thank you.” She’s told me that many times over the years that that was so much kinder way.

I didn’t hold it for long. It was like 2, 3 seconds. It was a quick pinch, long enough for her to become body aware and then wake up. I’m sure there are even smoother ways than that, but given what’s the energy in the room and what the alternatives were, anything would have added to the trauma. If they charge her and shake her, I guarantee the result would have been the high level of, “Why did you do it that way?” We would add more trauma to this situation, more fuel to the fire than the other way. One of the things that I want to encourage people is to say, whatever is going on in your life, there is a simple solution. There is a simple way to do it. If you can come back to yourself or if you can come back in the previous episode with Paula, she referred to it as, “For the people who don’t know how to come back to intuition, at least start with your gut. At least that will start helping you.” You and I are talking about getting deep connections. That’s the first thing and we do that in silence, not in screaming, not in running around.

Going back to what you shared about Paula, one of the first things we teach our kids is to pay attention to your Na’au. Your Na’au is not only your gut but it’s also your heart. We say the brain lies because it’s ego, but you can always trust your gut and your heart to bring you home and to tell the truth.

I think that’s a fabulous place to end. Maybe you could repeat it.

A great way for us to know the truth of the situation, to pay attention to it, and to know what’s real is to pay attention to what your Na’au, which is Hawaiian for your gut and your heart tells you. Your gut and your heart will always tell you the truth in comparison to your brain, which has the ego attached to it, which can create things that are not true. Pay attention to your gut and your heart.

HWC 30 | At Home Within Yourself

At Home Within Yourself: One person who radiates genuine love and happiness is a big thing in a world full of negativity and depression.


Thank you so much for that. I appreciate you being here, Lani. We want to add that people can go to your website and they can get some free, cool stuff that will help them take advantage of this. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your website, what you offer, what you want people to have and how you want to help and serve them?

Mahalo, David. My website is www.LaniYamasaki.com. If you go there, there’s a download there for the blueprint of Lokahi. It’s the ancestral Hawaiian wellness blueprint. When you download the blueprint, it’s going to have some of the Hawaiian practices that we’ve talked about like Kuleana, Lokahi, and more.

That sounds lovely. I want to clarify, do we have to be able to pronounce them anywhere near accurately to take advantage of them? Because that’s not a strong point in my life.

No, not at all. It’s an easy guide. Don’t worry about pronunciation. It’s the intention.

Thank you so much for being with us. I love your energy. I love your wisdom. I’d certainly love your heart. You’re such a beautiful and lovely addition to God’s creation. You’re a beautiful flower in the garden of God. Thank you so much for what you’re doing for everyone. Thank you for being on this show. I want to remind everybody seriously, Peace and Harmony is available. These Peace Makers are available. You can download a sample to try it even before you do it. It’s at PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com.

The more people that do this, as you were talking about, Lani, about people opening up to be able to do it. The more people who do it, the more people that will be able to do it. We can change the world so quickly. I agree completely with you. This is a time that this is available, that has not been available before. It’s due in part to technology. One of the things when we talk about what’s good and bad in passing judgment, most of the technology, if not all that we’re having, including the ability to have this conversation is a direct or indirect outcome of World War II. We always say all of these people died, but what we can be doing is turning that picture around and saying, “There’s not a lack of compassion but it’s, what are you choosing to focus on, the weeds or the garden, the thorns or the rose?”

There’s so much good that has come from this. To be honest, so much good is going to come from the virus situation, so much good is going to come from a lot of things. Nelson Mandela spent 26 years in jail. That doesn’t sound like a great thing, but look what came out of it. I want to encourage people that Peace and Harmony is available now to whatever level you want it. Solutions are available now. Programs like Lani’s are available to help you. Before you take care of the world, take care of you.

David, I also want to share my gratitude with you. You are what we call a Kupuna. A Kupuna is a wellspring. A term for an elder is a wellspring of wisdom and of life. I want to acknowledge you for everything that you are gifting the world and even what’s coming through you now to create Peace and Harmony. It’s big. I want to acknowledge and recognize you for the greatness of your soul and your contribution.

Thank you very much. This is the end of another episode. Like it, share it, review it, give us five stars, tell the world about it and enjoy your day and life. We can tell the next episode until we see you or hear you again next time. Thanks for being with us. Bye, everybody.

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