When your life doesn’t seem to be moving forward, when you’re feeling stuck, one of your best bets is to reinvent your life. Rebuilding yourself from the ground up allows you to reset negative mindsets and behaviors that have been embedded in your subconscious mind, living there, and keeping you from achieving your truest self. David Adelson is joined by Diane Forster, a Re-invention Specialist. David and Diane talk about the ways in which you can reinvent your life and the way you live. This conversation between David and Diane could be the key to helping you enter a new chapter in your life, so don’t miss it!

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How To: Enter A New Chapter In Your Life With Diane Forster

I love what we’re going to talk about because we have all had that experience of being stressed out and so overwhelmed that we don’t know how to move forward. My guest is going to tell you how to break out of that. She’s going to give you some cool tips to help you move forward, succeed and get out of excuses and procrastination. Diane Forster, welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about what you’re going to be telling people.

What I’m going to talk about and what I do and help people with is get them unstuck and out of stress and overwhelm to be empowered, confident and living their lives intentionally. What I do is mindset and manifestation mentorship. I help people to reinvent their lives. I’m going to share a three-step process that I use that completely helped me reinvent my life and I’ve helped thousands of other people do it. I’ll give some other key secrets in there as well. There’s going to be some new information in here that I haven’t shared before.

Let me tell people a little bit about you. Diane Forster is an award-winning inventor, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, TV host, podcaster, international living expert and re-invention specialist. She works with clients privately and helps you clear away mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that can block you from reaching your full potential in business, life and relationships.

What I believe and what I have found with the wealth of experience there and in a variety of different things is that it doesn’t matter what the need is or the challenge is with the individual. We always need to start with mindset first because that’s where the problem lies. It’s in the mindset.

That’s interesting because more and more people might be waking up to that. I also think that a lot of people play the blame game of, “This went wrong. Where did it go wrong? Why did it go wrong?” In my experience, that doesn’t help at all.

Thank you for bringing that up. I’ll share a little bit of my story, but what I’m going to share that started to turn things around for me was when I own everything in my entire life. Everything that had ever happened to me in my entire life, I attracted. This is a universe that operates in the Law of Attraction and we are attractors. Once I owned it, then it was easy to go, “I don’t want that anymore. I make a declaration that I want to live an extraordinary life and I’m going to do everything that I can to have that.” The magic that started to happen for me was crazy. It was so good. It was taking my finger and instead of pointing it out, it was pointing it within.

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That’s what we need to do. People have trouble doing that because they want to believe that it’s not them. What’s happening to you in your life is not your fault. You’ve been programmed since birth with thousands and then millions of limiting beliefs that are living in the hard drive, which is what I call the subconscious mind. It’s your hard drive. Its job and its role is to collect data. The problem is that 95% of what we think about today are the same thoughts that we thought about yesterday. I’m quoting Dr. Joe Dispenza. People try and make changes in their lives. They try and do it on a conscious level and that’s not where the problem is. It’s on a subconscious level.

That’s why they get frustrated. We need to take a look at that. That’s what I do with my work. I do processes that help lift off and get rid of what I call dandelions. What’s going on in the subconscious mind or your dandelions, we get rid of those and we replace them with roses instead so that you can live from a more empowered state of being. You operate in your life, relationships, health, money mindset, career, family dynamics in a whole different way when you get rid of those dandelions and replace them with roses. That sounds a little esoteric right now, but it’s a mindset shift. That’s what happened for me. That’s why that is the area I focus on first when I’m working with people and coaching them. They come to me for a variety of reasons like business, transition, reinvention, but we do the mindset work first.

This is great and I very much appreciate what you’re talking about. I had a friend who spent six months living with Aborigines in Australia. He had some very interesting experience, including when he was first invited to spend time with them. He was standing by a pool and some things were going on. He suddenly realized after some time that there was an Aborigine 10 feet away or whatever. When he noticed him, he turned and started to walk away. The Aborigine turned, looked back at my friend and said without speaking, “Are you coming?” My friend very clearly heard it. The guy didn’t say anything. He went and he followed him and he spent six months traveling with them. This was many years ago and a lot has changed in the world, which I think you’d agree.

When he came back to the US, he said that after spending that time with them, he realized how powerful people were. If you told people in the United States that’s how powerful they were, they would be terrified. They would freak from that. When we look at you, which is this incredibly brave thing to say, “I’m going to own full responsibility for my life,” one of the hesitations that a lot of people have is I don’t think anyone has an iota of an idea of how powerful as manifestors and as creators of our life that we are. As you said, we’ve been beaten down or programmed or taught since we were very young. Let’s talk about the two things I want to address. One, how do we get people to be empowered enough to realize that, “Yes, I can do this?” Let’s start with that.

I’ll give a little backstory so you’ll have a little understanding or a little context of where I was and how I’m doing what I’m doing now. It wasn’t always this success. There were a lot of other things going on. I worked in Corporate America for 32 years. During that time, I was married and had twins. There were a lot of things that happened in my life. There were infertility issues. My mom got sick and died of cancer. There was a lot of dynamics going on. At the core root of what was happening to me is I had this amazing career. I worked in television sales. I worked at ABC for the last twenty years of my career. While I was working there, I came up with the idea for that kitchen product that I invented that won me the award and got me on QVC.

That opened my eyes to entrepreneurship. I never thought about moving into entrepreneurship, but what made the change for me was the fact that I was living in a very unhappy and unfulfilling marriage and relationship, and I kept it hidden. I had what looked like to the outside world as this ‘have it all’ life where everything looked perfect. I had the husband, kids, home, cars, the travels, and career success. What was going on internally was a very different story. After almost twenty years in that relationship of keeping it going, keep pushing my needs to the back burner, keep pretending that it was going to get better, keep up the facade, and moving through my life in a very ho-hum way, I hit a breaking moment.

HWC 15 | Reinvent Your Life

Reinvent Your Life: Since birth, you’ve been programmed with millions of limiting beliefs that live in the hard drive that is your subconscious mind.


In June of 2011, in a suicide attempt in the bathroom, I experienced a God moment that woke me up and changed everything for me. What happened is the pills got knocked out of my hand. The voice screamed, “You’re not ending your life this way, Diane. You need to get help so that you can tell your story.” It shook me to the core and the next day I reached out for help. That started my path of spiritual awakening, personal development, self-help, self-healing and self-love. That was the thing that was missing all along. I didn’t love myself and I didn’t value myself. I started different processes and practices.

That to me is a very key point. Those two things, self-love, which is missing for many people, and valuing yourself. This is what I was thinking about. You’re probably very fortunate and there are people who have had hopefully not as traumatic or dramatic as you, but some realization that they can be better even if they don’t see the full spectrum of it that I can improve something. This idea of not valuing yourself is rampant in this society. What’s going on in the world right now is helping people reset what their value is. I don’t want to spend a lot of time there. I want to focus on you, but this is something that I want to give a shout-out to everybody reading and that is whatever you think your value is, double, triple, quadruple it.

That’s a good starting point to know that you can move forward. You don’t have to jump from the gutter to the top of the penthouse all at once. Get out of the gutter, get on the sidewalk and get into the building. Step by step, start valuing who you are. The phrase that we’re all children of the divine and the divine does not want us to suffer. As any parent wants their kid to be happy, that’s what the divine wants for us. Let’s get back to your story. I felt that was something I want to help empower people with and bring out. I didn’t want to slip it by when you said it.

Here’s what I want to say to those who are reading this. What I was feeling was there was no way out for me. I couldn’t figure out a way out of my life. I kept putting my needs further and burying them deeper. I know there are many people out there who can’t figure their way out. Not being able to do that almost took me out. As you said, it’s baby steps. What happened is I started a meditation practice. I started a journaling practice. I started an exercise routine. I started immersing myself in everything I could get my hands on and absorbed everything out there in the personal development, self-help, and spiritual space. I started healing in this profound way.

All of a sudden, my intuitive gifts got dialed way up, and I was channeling like crazy and writing and creating. Two years after my bathroom moment, I woke up with a poem in my head called I Have Today. When I finished writing the poem, I looked down. I’ve written many other things, but I looked at this and I said, “This is way more than another poem. This is a movement. This is what God was talking about in the bathroom two years ago. I’m supposed to help others who don’t know their self-worth and discover their true divinity, power and purpose. If I was living this quiet hell, how many other people are living like this?” That’s what that opened it up. Knowing that and experiencing that, in a meditation practice one morning, I decided to chant, “I forgive you,” for twenty straight minutes.

I sat and said, “I forgive you.” It was the most cathartic thing. I was forgiving myself. I was forgiving my former husband. I was forgiving everyone and everything of anything that’s ever happened in my entire life. That’s when I stood up and owned it. I said, “I did this. I’m the one responsible for the condition of my life. All of it. I don’t want this anymore. I want an extraordinary life.” That intention started to move me forward. The forgiveness piece of it was huge. Forgiveness is not about letting that other person off the hook. Did he do bad things? Yes. Did I do bad things? Yes. Do other people do bad things? Yes. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We do have these moments and these experiences. However, it’s not happening to me anymore.

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By replaying it and blaming it, what I’m doing is I’m telling my mind and my subconscious the story again, and it’s happening to me on a cellular level over and over again. We need to get over that pain from the past as quickly as we possibly can. That’s what started happening to me. I was letting things go and doors, windows, and opportunities kept opening up and unfolding for me. If you would have said to me years ago, “Diane, you’re going to be living in San Diego. You’re going to be a TV host and podcaster. You are going to be coaching people and helping them reinvent their lives,” all of these incredible things that have happened for me. I would have said, “No way. You’re crazy.” I would have never imagined that it would be unfolding the way it is. That’s what I want to share with the readers. You have no idea the magic that is waiting for you.

The question I asked is if you’re not jumping out of your bed excited about the day that’s in front of you, you’ve got to be asking yourself, “Can I be improving things in my life? What’s not working in my life?” You should be jumping out of your bed every day excited about the day in front of you. Every area every day should be what you want. That’s why I teach Have It All Life programs. That’s what I want to share with people because they’re living in what I called a ho-hum existence. That’s what I was doing, the when-then, “When the kids graduate, then I’ll take care of it,” or someday or one day. As if it’s not evident with what’s going on in the world that all you have is today, then I don’t know what else it is. This is our wake-up call. If you are not happy in any area of your life, this is your day to do something about it. Make a change, make a decision, and be aware of it.

I want to give a little shout-out to our Peace and Harmony Program. A lot of people are experiencing tension and with this situation in the world, a lot of people are in more confined quarters. Whether you’re in confined quarters, whether you’re alone by yourself, you can create a pocket of peace around you. Go to PeaceAndHarmonyDownload.com. It’s a completely silent video that you play in the background. Let it play for days before you evaluate it. Some people notice things right away. Some people, it takes a little while, but it generates peace and harmony around you. We have systems for more than the personal one that’s free that we can get to the level of covering entire countries if people have the resources to do that.

We can do your neighborhood, your building, your store or whatever. The reason I want to mention that here is because we found that a lot of people who are hearing mental noise, that settles down for them. You called it dandelions or whatever it is that’s preventing them from seeing who they are. At the beginning, you talked about giving us some very clear steps. I have some ideas. I want to see what you as you are before I mentioned them. I love the forgiveness thing. The “I forgive you,” I’ve also found it incredibly powerful. You don’t even have to target specifics. It’s just, “I forgive you,” and let nature, God or whatever it is organize where it goes. The weight that it can lift off of you is huge. I completely concur with that process or technique. You mentioned three steps. I want to cover those.

Let me give you the three steps. I have a video training that explains this fully. The three-step process that turned it around for me that’s helped many others is called love it, thank it, bring it. How it breaks down is love it means you’ve got to love your life no matter what happened to you in your entire life because you have a life to love. You’ve got breath in your lungs, you’re alive, and you woke up. What a gift it is. It’s 100 trillion to 1 odd of you being here. Everything that’s ever happened to you in your life has been there for you to teach you something. Even the pain is a gift. Thank it to be living in gratitude and appreciation for where you are right now in your life.

It doesn’t matter where you are because this is your jumping-off point. You live in gratitude and appreciation for the bed you get to sleep on. Do you know how many people in the world never know that? For the cup of coffee you get to drink, for the fact that you can turn on your faucet in your shower and take a shower and run fresh water. Many people in the world don’t know that. They have to walk miles and miles for it. Five thousand children a day die drinking contaminated water. Everything, your home, your car, all the little things, be in gratitude and appreciation because it opens up the portal to abundance, which means you receive more and more when you live in gratitude.

HWC 15 | Reinvent Your Life

Reinvent Your Life: The odds of you being here is 400 trillion to one, and everything that’s ever happened to you in your life has been there to teach you something.


Bring it is the power piece. That is, how are you showing up in your life? That you are the creator of it, and then how are you bringing it? How are you bringing it in your relationships, in your health and wellness, in your job, in your family? That three-step process that you can draw on at any time. That’s an awesome trigger that I do all the time, love it, thank it, bring it. It takes me back into alignment right away, “This is all happening for me. I’m in gratitude and appreciation. I’m the one that’s creating my future.” It gets you centered right away. I have a video training that teaches you all about this process. It’s at MyHaveItAllLife.com and it breaks down the three-step blueprint for you with great valuable content and takeaways so that you can start implementing it in your life as well.

Please take advantage of this. I have to say that I love that process because one of the things that we teach is love what you hate. That’s one of the ways that you clear the blocks out. We also are a firm believer that two days in gratitude for everything can turn any situation around. You can even thank you for the situation itself, however uncomfortable it may be. If you trip and fall, you can still say thank you because that karma is now done. We don’t have to deal with it anymore. We are very big believers of loving and thanking. You bring up a very keen point that I don’t want to skim over, which is the understanding that the universe is for you, not against you or not neutral. It’s trying to work out things for you, giving you lessons to learn.

Some of them are not necessarily fun, but if you had not gone through what you went through, would you be where you are now? We can be grateful for that, however uncomfortable it was. This is something that is huge and I love the idea that we understand, and this is a huge revelation for most people. The universe is here to help you. God, Divine Mother, nature, whatever the organizing intelligence of the universe is, wants you to have the best possible experiences that you can. Gratitude is also a way of connecting to those that can help you. We talk in terms of allowing and receiving because a lot of people are feeling unworthy. Even if you give them something, they can’t receive it. That’s very frustrating for the giver. It’s very frustrating for the person who’s crying that they want something. When you try to give it to them, they can’t. I love what you’re explaining here. Tell me again the website that they go.

The training is that MyHaveItAllLife.com.

You promised us a bonus.

One of the things I’ve done because I’m a master manifester and I teach my clients how to do that as well. What I learned is the key missing ingredient in the whole manifestation, getting what you want, Law of Attraction, is in language. It’s in the words that you speak about yourself and about others. I’m talking about in your life. Many people get frustrated. They don’t understand, “Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me? Why does it work for some people? How come it’s not working for me?” That sentence is one of the reasons why. What happens is if you set intentions in the morning, you meditate, you journal, and you do the things that you think are the work that’s required. You then go out in your life and your day. You are speaking the same exact way like, “I can’t stand this traffic. I’m never going to find a parking spot. There’s always a line at the store. I can’t stand my boss.” Language like that keeps you stuck.

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When you say, “I don’t know why the Law of Attraction works for everybody else and it doesn’t work for me,” you gave the universe the order for it not to work for you. The universe only understands one word and one emotion. That emotion is love and that word is yes. Whatever you are speaking, you are going to be receiving. That is what you’re going to get. The tip is, and I call this the ABC, Awareness Begets Change, if you can think about how you’re speaking. What if instead of saying, “I can’t stand my boss. He’s always in a bad mood,” you said, “The person I used to be would feel that way about him. The person I am now that respects him and admires him knows that he’s doing the best he can from where he is because that’s probably all he’s got. I don’t need to stay attached to it. I can remove myself from it.” That’s a deep one. You can do that with everything. It doesn’t matter.

If you’re trying to lose weight and you say, “Why can’t I lose this weight? I’m always going to be heavy. I’m always going to carry this extra weight,” you are asking to stay that way. You say, “That was the person I used to be. The person I am now knows that I can do anything I want. The person I am now knows that I am at my ideal lifetime weight.” Notice how I said I am in there. I know I’m throwing a lot at you. There are a lot more steps to it. If you start creating the awareness of how you’re speaking, because what we’re speaking is what we’re getting. That’s the piece that I focus on and I help people reframe and completely change their language about the way they speak. They catch it right away, then they pivot it and start manifesting so much faster. It’s fascinating how language works that way.

I am so in tune and agree with what you’re saying, Diane. I know you and a lot of people talk about the Law of Attraction. For my side and the traditions that we come in, we talk that you are creators, you are manifestors. We’re co-creators of our experience with the divine. We skipped the Law of Attraction part, but the end result is the same. In our understanding, as a creator, everything you say has to be manifested. I know those who have read some of my stuff or listened to some of my earlier webinars and worked, we did one and a half hours of clearing just on that one point. One thing that’s holding you back from getting what you want is you’re not watching your speech. You’re being very cavalier and casual. You’re saying things that you say out of habit.

I love that you brought the quote from Joe Dispenza where he talks about you’re having the same thoughts over and over every day. What if we start changing those? We’re also casually saying the same thing. Many people are saying, “I don’t know,” as if now they’re out of the loop. Everything that you’re talking about is key to many things. It’s recognizing that it’s your life and it’s your responsibility. What your experiences are 100% on you, including how you interpret. I want to do a little summary here for everyone. I hope you can correct me where I mess up. The first thing is own that it’s you.

The second is everything is about self-love. None of us are taught self-love. None of us are taught empowerment. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. This idea of we want to love ourselves, we want to forgive, we want to think positively, we want to speak positively. If you know every word you say is going to be created, that’s a lottery ticket. That’s saying you can have whatever you want, but you have to pay attention. I want to ask this. How many people do you feel are just too lazy to watch their speech? It’s like, “I don’t want to bother. I want to be who I am. This is who I am. I’m this person.” How do you work with those people?

There’s certainly a level of staying stuck in that. It’s comfortable and it’s familiar. The subconscious mind likes to keep you comfortable and familiar. It likes to keep you in fear. That’s what its role is. When you start making changes in your life, you’re disrupting your patterns and it’s uncomfortable. Think about when you want to make a change. If you want to change your diet or you want to start an exercise routine, it’s uncomfortable to start to do that. It’s a break in the habit. You’ve got to get up and go to the gym. You’ve got sore muscles. There’s discomfort in that, but the results are there. If you say, “That’s too much work,” then your life isn’t going to change. No one is going to give you the permission to do this. You’ve got to give this to yourself.

HWC 15 | Reinvent Your Life

Reinvent Your Life: If we want to love ourselves, we have to forgive, and we have to think and speak positively.


You and I will give everyone permission.

We’ll grant it to the world. There you go. It’s granted. David and I granted you all permission to do this but understand this. You came into this world alone and you’re going to leave this world alone, and you’ve got to own it. This is your life. It’s another do over. You don’t get a chance to redo this journey again. You’ve got to be able to get uncomfortable to start to make these changes. It’s not that bad. These are little baby steps. I read James Altucher’s book, Choose Yourself years ago. I’ll never forget this. He said, “If you do 1% better a day, imagine what that equates to at the end of a year and a lifetime.” If you did 1% better now, now you had the awareness. Think about what we said. Where might you love yourself unconditionally?

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. We are all perfect. Where could you love yourself a little bit more? Be kinder to yourself and forgive yourself more. Start with you first. Don’t expect to change other people. The change comes from within. When that change happens, then all of a sudden that has an effect on the energy around you and in your life. Other things start to change because of it. If you could do one thing different each day, have that little awareness, that would have the most profound effect on your life. The trajectory goes way up.

I know what we’ve talked about, Diane. I know how much is contained in the seeds of what you’re planting. I want to encourage people to take advantage of this, whether they go through you or wherever they go. I know you’ll agree with me on this. We want a world of empowered, fulfilled, and happy people because we’re selfish. We want to live among that world. We want to live where we don’t have to fix things all the time. There’s this idea of if you don’t do it, it won’t get done. This idea that we’re comfortable inside, this is a Newtonian Law. A body in motion stays in motion, which means it’s going to continue as it’s going unless acted upon by the outside force. That outside force has to be your own will, your own desire, your own intention. This idea of doing one simple thing different every day is huge. I know how much this can expand into what can help people. The seed ideas that you’ve given, Diane, are brilliant. I trust that it will help people a lot. From my side, I’d love to talk to you for many more hours because we’re completely in sync about all of these points and I know how valuable they are to the world. I’m going to encourage all the readers to go to your website.

The training is at MyHaveItAllLife.com, but I also want to encourage you to subscribe to my podcast, which is called I Have Today with Diane Forster. It’s available on all the streaming platforms and on YouTube as well, where I put out content every single week. We’ve got well over 100 episodes on there, teaching you some of the processes that I shared with you. You can find out more information about me there as well too, because we are on this journey together. I want to add a little something to what you said about it. We’re selfish because we want that, but you and I have had our awakening and our experience. We know how good this feels. We know how good life is and that’s what we want to share with other people. We don’t want to see anybody else suffer anymore. That’s why we do what we do. Take it upon yourself to bring it in your life. In 1% a day, you’re going to have radical changes.

I love what you said. This is what I want to say about being selfish and bring it. We all know how we feel when we watch that pole vaulter go over, or the home run, the football game, the skaters getting the tens across the board. We know how we feel watching that person, or those couple, or that team do that. That’s why we love sports. That’s why we love watching the different contests. Whatever we’re doing. We love that moment where someone shines. You and I want everyone to be shining like that all the time. That’s an amazing world because we see someone else do that and it gets ten million views on YouTube, whether it’s one of the Got Talent shows. People love that moment where someone brings it and shows their fullness. You and I believe that this is possible for every single person on the planet pretty much every moment. What an amazing experience that will be for all of us.

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I couldn’t agree more. Shine like the bright star that you are, all of us.

Diane, thank you so much for your time. I encourage people, what we’re giving you is a good starting point, but if you want to succeed at this, you have to continue. Positive reinforcement, encouragement, more understanding of these techniques, other tools and information that come over time is worth attending to. There’s Diane’s podcast, my podcast, and so many other sources. We’re encouraging you to seek out whatever works for you, whatever moves you in the direction of your own inner fulfillment and living an amazing life. Diane, thank you so much. This has been great and very fulfilling for me personally. I appreciate you. I want to acknowledge all the good work that you’re doing and what you’re bringing to the world. I express gratitude for that. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for having me, David. It was my privilege.

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