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Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges in in your business and in your life? Worry not, for if you can just learn to connect with your inner badass and nurture it, you can conquer both business and life like a boss. Join David Adelson as he sits down in conversation with the expert of badassery herself, Paula Bohland. Paula is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, dragon slayer, podcaster and master business coach. Having slain numerous dragons herself, she knows that you have the capacity to become a badass. You just need to undergo a process of introspection, invest in yourself and go forward in achieving the kind of business and life that you want.

As a bonus, Paula has these amazing gifts for you: an eBook and instructional video, The 3-Step Process to Instantly Obliterate Overwhelm and a free 30-minute Badass Business Growth Strategy session for all interested listeners and readers out there. All of these can be accessed at PaulaBCoaching.com. Get your badass business in gear and to tune to Paula’s show, Coffee and Tea with Coach Paula B, which goes live on Facebook every Tuesday at 5:30 EST. Just follow her Facebook page at https://www.Facebook.com/Paulabcoaching/. You can also contact David to get into the VIP Peanut Gallery and be live with Paula on the show where she provides mindset and business growth information along with live coaching.

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How To: Conquer Your Business And Your Life Like A Badass With Paula Bohland

I’m very excited. We have Paula Bohland with me, who is a dear friend. She is going to tell you how to use your intuition, how to connect with your inner badass and how to become ruler of the world or something like that. We’re going to talk about that. Tell us what they’re going to hear.

I want to talk about how you can start a business, scale a business, grow a business, grow your life all by connecting with your inner badass, which all of us have, and helping people to figure out what that is and have that, and then go forward. Conquer the world, conquer your business and conquer your life what you want it to be.

Thank you for that. This will be very exciting and by the end of the show, you’ll have a whole bunch of very cool tips. I know you have some free stuff that you’ll give the audience. I want to remind everybody that if you like this, subscribe, put comments in, write a review, give us five stars or 40 stars or however many you can, and tell your friends about us. This show is sponsored by the Peace and Harmony Company, PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com, where we have created literally hundreds of quantum infused and unified field infused solutions to everyday problems and world peace and everything in between. At this time in the world, there are scientifically based and proven programs that you can buy if you want peace in your home and your neighborhood and your community. We sell them right on PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com. Go check them out. There’s even a free sample if you want to try it. We encourage you to do that.

Let me tell you a little bit about Paula. Paula Bohland is an award-winning Motivational Speaker, Author, Dragon Slayer, Podcaster, The Bad Assery, and Master Business Coach. She is passionate about assisting people and reconnecting with their inner guidance and power, obtain the highest potential, and live into freedom, success and joy. We’re going to talk about this first. She has slain many of her own dragons, overcoming childhood abuse and poverty, depression, burnout, financial ruin and starting over in her 50s as a single mom. She has reconnected with her inner power, found healing and attracts a phenomenal life helping others reach their highest potential. She’s going to be giving you starter points about how you can reconnect with your inner power, find healing and attract a phenomenal life for yourself. Paula, welcome. It’s very exciting that you’re here.

Thank you. I am thrilled to be here and I’m very playful, like you are, so it should be quite interesting what comes about.

First of all, dragons are heroes for me and I know a lot of people have that Western Saint George and the Dragon, the dragon’s a bad thing from this part of the world. From my experience, having met a few dragons here and there, I understand that what you mean when you say slay your dragons is it’s something huge and apparently overwhelming and insurmountable. We use the term defeated, but because you’re using badassery, but we could also say we’ve dissolved it, we’ve removed it, it’s gone. We don’t have to deal with it anymore. That’s the biggest thing. Tell us a little bit about your story or what you feel would be most useful to our audience.

If you think about a ten-year-old kid playing Barbies and doing the Barbie type of thing, I was doing that as a ten-year-old and I didn’t see my dad around for a few days. I went to my mom and I asked her what was going on. My mom looks at me and she says, “Your dad and I are divorcing. I need you to take care of things from now on.” As a ten-year-old kid, I got scared that if I didn’t take care of things, I was going to be maybe kicked out too. I didn’t quite understand what that meant. Very quickly, I became a human doing instead of a human being. I was trying to take care of everything and would clean the house. I would do my homework. I would take care of everything.

I try to do everything fast, efficiently and took on tons of responsibility, taking care of my brothers and sisters, always looking for attention, always looking for support. This continued on and I made lots of worldly success. I published a curriculum. I started a few companies. By the time I was 30 years old, work was a big deal to me. I had a huge work ethic. I literally could not get up out of bed to go to work. Instead of looking at what was going on in a bigger sense, I started trying to solve the problem medically and went to doctors, asking them what was going on. The doctors said to me, “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

I would be literally sitting in their office falling asleep and got all kinds of medical diagnoses and got on all kinds of medicine. I started taking the medicine and it made me feel better. I went right back to work. I continued to take care of people. I continued to take care of things. I had a husband that didn’t keep a job very long. I had all kinds of things going on. At one point, by the time I was in my 40s, I was taking care of a downtown economic development program, as well as working, flying back and forth from Guatemala, taking care of a bunch of kids that lived in poverty. I was trying to help them be educated while I had a child that I had adopted and the husband that was not working, and everything fell apart.

I didn’t have the money to pay for my house. I didn’t have resources. I literally was eating one meal a day, so my kid could eat. Something happened inside of me. It was this inner power that said, “This has to end.” The inner power took over. I connected with what I call my badass. Many times, I had been experiencing the deep issues that had opportunities to resolve them, but this time I got involved with programs. I got involved with coaching. I got involved with trying to heal, trying to figure out what was going on. The state of the art program helped me realize what I was doing was trying to be everything to everyone, looking for attention, looking for whatever. I was burnt out and I was more than crashing and it was my opportunity to change everything.

It was a boring and nondescript average life, it sounds like. I appreciate your sharing that. Starting with that ten-year-old you, it’s very interesting how we interpret the things because especially when we’re young, we don’t understand what’s going on. I was watching a comedian one time and he told the story, and I’m going to ruin it because if you want to hear the funny version, you should hear his. Inadvertently, his daughter saw something that he thought was a terrifying thing on the TV when he turned on the TV. He was trying to overcome it to make sure that that would disappear and something else would replace it in her memory. He took her to some movie. I don’t know what it was. It was supposed to be some kid’s movie. She was completely terrified by something that happened in the movie. The next day, she was laughing and he said, “What are you laughing about?” She said that thing she had seen on the TV she thought it was funny. It’s completely misinterpreting other people.

Our friend, Christian Mickelsen, a dear friend and mentor in terms of coaching, told this story once that he was walking down the hall. He stopped to turn around to say something to his wife behind him or something, and then turned and then started to keep moving down the hall. He took a step forward, but while he had turned around for the moment or two, his seven-year-old daughter has stepped right in front of him. He bumped into her. From our side as an adult, “Sorry,” we move on. She wouldn’t talk to him for two days. She had a major meltdown. She’s screaming that he hated her and all of this stuff. He did some instant miracle work on her and everything to clear it. At ten years old, that must have been overwhelmingly traumatic for you.

It’s part of the story. Because I’ve been corrected about dragons, it’s one of the dragons that I’ve been slaying most of my life. The outcome of that is I got the message. I took the message as a ten-year-old that I needed to achieve. I needed to show everybody that I could do it. This is a boring, average American life. The point is that many of us did and have received the message that the more we do, the better we are. The harder we work, the better we are. That’s the basis of what I learned. What my coaching program is about is to overcome those myths that working hard is going to make you greatly successful. It’s a huge prescription for most of us that will bring us misery and even prison in our life.

That’s a major part of my learning through my life of how to let that go. Working with people everywhere from starting a business, to changing careers, to CEOs, to how do you have more joy in your life and be in your life and enjoy your life. Magically, wonderfully, beautifully the universe comes in and blesses you and you become so successful, you wouldn’t even believe it. Getting back in touch with who you were born to be and who you were told you couldn’t be anymore is so important. That’s part of your badassery.

Thank you for saying and sharing that. Several points come up and I hope to touch on them. The first one is validation. This might be one of the things that comes, and you can tell me with developing this quality, this badassery that you’re talking about is self-validation instead of needing validation from others. Much of what we do and so many of the goals that we think are our goals are what we think we need to do to be validated by others and that’s giving your power away. When we realize that the validation is within us and our connection to God or the divine or our own higher self or whatever, and we realize who do we need to please? Even definitions of success are changing very dramatically now from what we grew up with. One of the biggest things in the world is if you don’t have a job, if you don’t have money, the big things, you have to have a title, you have to have money and you have to be a productive member of society. Tell me what your experience was. Did you find as you connected to that inner badassery that you started feeling independent?

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The first that happened is that I felt freedom. I felt like I did not have to perform and show. That freedom allowed me to get centered in my heart and explore what it is and what it was what I was passionate about, what my calling is, what my purpose is and to start to look toward that and work toward that. That also allowed me to learn. Some of it was the learning process through some things that you’ve done with me. Thank you very much. Other people have been fabulous mentors for me to connect, to align to the divine, to whatever you call it, your inner self, your inner badass. To allow that to guide me to literally go in and check on what the next idea was and what’s the next thing I can have. I call it having more fun and profits, “How can I have more fun and profits?” Once I got that and I got connected internally, things changed significantly financially, emotionally, my kid, my parenting, everything, and it continues to change. It’s a journey for me. I’m not finished. Letting go of that need to show the world and settling inside and settling with my heart was a sense of freedom.

That’s very cool because one of the things that comes up a lot these days for me is what are we here for? Who are we here to serve? Our readers know that my belief is that the purpose of creation is the expansion of happiness. What we’re here to do is have wonderful, lovely experiences. Somehow, we tangled ourselves up in our own fishing line. Instead of enjoying the unraveling process, we get frustrated or whatever, which is the purpose of this show is how do we unravel it? Here’s a question that comes to mind is when you make that shift to stop saying, “I need to show up and make other people happy, but I need to see what’s going on inside,” you also still have to eat. How did you navigate that and negotiate that? How did you get through that in a way that allowed you to not compromise your own moral integrity?

That exploration and that learning became the basis of my coaching program. It is shifting from a lot of the methodology and terminology first. Words are very powerful and the terminology that our world and our schools and all that stuff use like goals and achieve and all of that stuff. It was first a study in setting intentions. For me, intentions are a lot more immediate. It gets my brain going immediately, instead of in the future, where you say a goal, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” and my brain goes, “Ten pounds by August? It’s June. I can eat ice cream.” First, I changed my language and got out of the methodology of how we express this, how schools teach us and how different places teach us. The language of the grind, get to it, work on it, all of that language changing. This is the way I coach people is to remodel how we’re looking at that.

The next thing I did is I started setting my intentions and it wasn’t perfect because the world around us is telling us something else all the time. We’re being told to get back in the mold, go back to doing this. My family still does tell me that. I had to find people. I had to find the power of proximity, other people that we’re speaking the new language I was speaking to support me and be part of it. My coach was a great part of that, but also other people. Once I got that language, I started setting up my intentions. My intentions for the day, my intentions for the month and what I intended to happen. I would consider the intention part of a whole story that is, and this is what I recommend, is that it’s the whole story between you and your gut.

If you can’t find it, where else to find it, go to your gut. Go inside, get settled, look at that lower gut part and ask open-ended questions, “What should I do next? How do I make this better?” During this time that I was unfolding this, I was literally broke. I couldn’t pay bills. I was not eating. I literally would go and ask what’s the next right thing to do. It’s an open-ended question and set intentions based on that guidance. Very quickly, things started changing for me. I saw the results of it very quickly, and that’s part of my coaching program as well. Ninety percent of the people that I coach see changes in their business and their lifestyle and their income in 90 days or less using this methodology over and over again.

That started happening for me and I was very appreciative. Money’s coming and because that was happening, people were asking me, “What are you doing? How are you doing this? How are you getting clients so easily?” I decided to become a coach. I went into that training to become a coach and teach what I was learning. I was getting clients fast and I became a beacon. Centered in my own power, my own badassery, a beacon where people were attracted to me and what was going on. That happens over and over again. It’ll help accountants find clients. When you get centered in your own power and who you are, people are attracted to it. I hope that answers enough of it. I know you had some questions.

When you’re saying that, what I hear is if you’re a lamppost and you plug yourself in and turn yourself on and get yourself a clear being, “I’m the light,” not the lamppost itself. Automatically the moths come that are attracted to the light. I don’t necessarily encourage our audience to want to attract moths unless that’s your thing. The point is that those who need the light come to the light. Those who appreciate the light come to the light. This idea of getting in touch with who we are and what our inner purpose is very important and hugely self-empowering. In my own case, I knew for a lot of reasons growing up, including because both my mother and grandmother independently got readings from what we now call psychics, but they didn’t back then. They said, “He’s going to do wonderful things for the world.” There is no pressure for a nice Jewish kid.

When things started to be clear about where I was being drawn to, my mother kept telling me what I was doing was wrong and kept trying to solve the problem of my life. She did it for 30 years. At the end of the time, she was like, “I can’t believe I tried to tell you for 30 years what to do when you obviously knew it.” Most of the time, our relationship was fine, but there were times she would send me a letter that would be pages and pages and pages when I was in college and I picked up the envelope and I almost burned my hand. I took that right in the trash. I’m not reading whatever she’s sending in because she was very upset.

I’ll tell you why she was upset. It was because I had learned TM and was meditating and that wasn’t on her agenda. She was very upset after I became a TM teacher and I was getting my degrees at school. Later, I got my degree. She was very upset that I would do things that Maharishi would tell me to do, but I wouldn’t do things that my mother would tell me to do. The things that my mother would tell me to do or far and away were in her interests, not mine. Later in life, it was amazing that she became that woman that she was like, “I can’t believe I tried to do this for you.”

That’s phenomenal that she had that awareness. I can’t imagine my mother having that.

When she was retired and living in a retirement community, I stopped by to visit one time and she was introducing me to some of her friends. She got thoughtful. She said, “This is my son. I think he’s way older than me.” She was right but for her to get that was unique. Full points to her because at one point I looked at her and I thought, “It’s going to take her 50 more lifetimes to get to this particular level.” She did it in seven years before she passed away. It was phenomenal.

Maybe we all have that.

The thing is it’s possible. The reason I’m sharing this story is even those that you most love and those that you most respect may not agree with you when you first kick into this. You need to be strong within yourself. When we think about what we’re here to do and when we think about the end of life and looking back, what’s the report card? Who’s reading it? In those last moments of life, there are people who say, “I want to have a great eulogy when I leave,” which basically says, “I want to have a lot of people like me and I want to have a lot of people have appreciated me for what I’ve done while I was here.” It is not a bad thing to do. It’s quite good to think about, “What can I do that a lot of people will want to show up?” My brother-in-law, when he passed away, more people showed up that they could fit in the room. It was a big room because they knew they need big people. It was a big thing. The number of people that showed up for his thing was hugely impressive. He died quite young.

Don’t you think it’s backwards that we’re taught if we will only conform and do this, work more, find more that we end up doing, and feeling less? When you stand in your own self and your own power and your own check-in mechanism, you end up accomplishing so much more and helping the world so much more. I can share how you do that so people have that takeaway or how I do it in an easy way. It’s an oxymoron because you end up with the people that have been so served and given to by standing in your own badassery to begin with.

It’s not the guy who showed up every work and did 9:00 to 5:00 or whatever it was because those people aren’t making a huge impression and they aren’t affecting a lot of people. It’s the people that you’re describing. Whether or not we aspire to whatever level of what we could call greatness do we want to be like John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. Do we want to be somebody who’s appreciated in our neighborhood? To develop that, sometimes it’s to be nice to everybody. The people who follow the rules imposed by a society who created those rules that were not in your best interest. One of the things to remember is that all the people that created all the rules and regulations and processes that we think about and that we’re talking about for centuries, for a millennium, all of the people that created those rules are exempt from those rules.

HWC 29 | Inner Badass

Inner Badass: When you get centered in your own power and who you are, people are attracted to it.


If you look at how much are you supposed to work, the government says, “Yada, yada, yada.” You look at the people in government and you see how much they work and they don’t. They say, “You need to have insurance,” but they don’t. I don’t want to get into the political thing, but I want people to recognize that some of the things that you have learned have not been to serve you, but rather have been to serve those who you are taught to serve. What I want to hear from you, Paula, is how do we get out of that? How do we awaken to the point that we can be self-sufficient and still, I want to say the term productive members of society, and by that I mean we’re still adding to the culture?

The first thing is that we don’t go live on an island. The first piece of it is to decide to learn and look. Decision is so important. I made the decision that I was going to change everything. I was going to figure out how to do it, what other people were doing. Making the decision, the decision to invest in yourself, the decision to explore what messages are there, what you want, what you don’t want. The decision to go inside and check it out. I’m talking about going inside yourself. The decision to talk to other people who are doing it and learn from them. Maybe get coaching, maybe invest in programs, whatever it is, but the first thing is to decide. That decision comes a lot of times based on what you want. It can be very based on what you want in a worldly sense.

Most of the people, far and wide that come to me for coaching that change everything are not coming because they want to work less. They still believe they have to work hard. They’re not coming because they want to reconnect with their family and their selves and their inner selves. What they’re coming for is they want to make money. They have decided that they’re going to find out how. Many of them are trying to start something new or their CEO’s that are stuck or whatever. They’ve heard about what I do or they’ve heard me speak or they met somebody and have a big referral. They make the decision based on a worldly desire. The first thing is to decide.

The second thing is to get clear about what is it you think you want. It’s going to change over time. I know that and you know that too, but it’s okay to come at this from worldly desires and trying to have somebody look at why are you stuck? Why haven’t you been able to get there? What’s been happening? Usually, it’s from the money thing. I help people get clear about what they want. How much money, how big that would be? In the middle of that, we start talking about what have they been doing? The story always comes present of how much working, how much they thought. They hadn’t seen their family in years, they had all that story.

We start to unravel that story and that I call connection because you got to connect with yourself and the story. You also have to connect with other people who are doing it too so you have some support. The rest of the world is still telling the grind will solve it. You have a connection. You go inside from there. That’s the next thing I teach people. After you get clarity, you get a connection. Go inside and ask, “What is it I want? What’s the best way for me to get to $100 million? What’s the best way for me to scale this business? What’s the best way for me to have more fun and profits? What’s the best way?” The magic thing is answers will come.

The thing is we’ve been taught to not listen to it. We’ve been taught in general not to learn from it, not to hear it. It’s coming all the time, but we have to get quiet. We have to get centered. We have to get connected. I tell people if they don’t know anything else to do, go to your gut. Most people know the feeling of being connected to their gut and get centered. Feel it for a few minutes and then ask your question. When you’re first starting out, you’re not going to be necessarily good at this. This is like flexing a new muscle. If I lift weights, I’m not necessarily good at lifting the 20-pound weight, especially now after COVID, I’m not lifting anything. I have to learn it. I have to move up to it. Three-pound weights will probably work right now.

It’s something that is there, but we detach from it like the use of our muscles. When we start listening, we’ll hear one or two things. I always tell people those are the first two things you hear. You’ll hear an answer. Those are your answers from your gut because after it gets to 3 and 4 and 5 things, you’re starting to bring logic in. You’re starting to bring in all the other stuff. You’re starting to argue with it. You’re starting to put down the weight and not learn how to lift the weights. I tell them, “When you’re first starting out, take the first couple of things and go with that and act on it.”

What happens is, and we know this, the universe will give you lots of solutions. There’s no one way to get to $100 million and you can take the first couple ones and try it. It’ll bring you ribbons of opportunity, the next ribbon and the next ribbon. What I do is I have people start following that ribbon and set an intention to follow that ribbon of opportunity and to experience what’s happening, how they feel inside and what happens in their world. It is immediate. It is unbelievably immediate. It’s freedom. One, people start going, “Woo-hoo.” They also do that because they’re having worldly success. They’re making more money. Clients are coming to them. Then they get a little bit with it. They get a little bit better with it. All of a sudden, the gates explode and it comes. I’m sure something like that is probably been your experience and I’d love to hear your take on it. This is like the Coaching 101 in two minutes or less.

What you’re describing is quite good and quite accurate. There are definitely things and tools that you can use to develop your intuition. Christian Mickelsen’s Instant Miracle, obviously TM and certain types of meditation can be quite good. We have a downloadable program, both a video and audio on PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com, which is higher energies for inner power or for empowerment. You can do that and while you do, play that silently. It’s completely quiet. All the quantum infused in a unified field and fuse programs are. We have solutions other things there, but you can go in and play that while you’re meditating or while you’re doing this exercise and it helps you get clearer and clearer. You’re absolutely right when someone is first doing this, the answers are often what we would consider outrageous.

I had an experience once where I was out of a job. I had two kids. We were okay for right then. My inclination from the logical mind was I should send out hundreds of resumes and do all this. Instead, I got inner guidance that simply said, “Send out seven.” On this date, March 14th or whatever, I don’t remember the date, which was like 6 or 7 weeks away, to send out seven resumes. On this date, it’ll all work out. I was like “Okay.” Weeks are going by, I’m thinking, “Shouldn’t I be doing something?” “No, you’re good.” One has to develop a lot of faith and trust in oneself and the higher powers and God.

I’m going to tell you a secret, which is one of the things we’re going to talk about next time on mastering the five rules of success in this new program, which is Divine Mother of God or Christ, whoever you believe in. If you’re an atheist, then whatever you believe is the intelligence that keeps the universe together, has your back. It always has your back. Most of the time, we’re busy. It’s like the parent who gets it when the kids are squabbling. They’ve done some studies. They said, “When siblings start doing this little thing, in most cases, in twenty seconds, it’s resolved, but most parents jump at two.” You have to have faith that they’re not going to kill each other in twenty seconds. The first couple of times you’re like, “I should let this play out.”

Depending on the severity or how often they’re fighting, you might be thinking maybe they will.

You have to have faith. You have to have trust and allow yourself in spite of the intellect saying. I’m going through this. I sent out the seven. I felt okay, “That was good that day.” Then three, four and five weeks in. I’m hanging around and when you run into people in the grocery store or the in-laws or the parents, everybody is like, “What are you doing for work?” You’ve got to say something, so you lie.

“I sent out these things and was told that only seven would solve it.”

That date rolls around and at 10:00 in the morning, somebody calls me up and the next afternoon, I have a job that paid I want to say $3,000 a month, which was very good at that time in that community. I got that I wasn’t supposed to sit around and stress either. Have fun, don’t worry about that. Those who know the story that I put on my media one sheet, which is about how I built a business from zero to $90,000 in a year by having fun, we’re here for joy. Happiness draws so much good towards you that literally simply being happy, people are going to come up to you and say, “Whatever you’re doing, I want some. Can you teach me? Can you show me?” What I want to be encouraging people when they do your exercise or if they contact you, I think you have some free things.

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I want to talk about that and also give a little bit more because not everybody has the same level of trust that you do. There are many people that if this was going on for weeks and weeks would get into literal freak out mode and go back to what they knew. They’d send out 100 resumes or whatever. I try to get people away from to-do lists and to check in and take the top two or three things that come and focus on those. If they absolutely feel like, “I’ve got to have my to-do list,” look at that list and find the one item on that list that’s the most inspiring for you and go do the thing that’s most inspiring.

If you get into that and nobody’s responding, “I’ve got to have a job and I’ve got this five-year-old.” Start making your list and then find the one. It’s all backwards way of having your gut and the universe help you. It’s also in the world we’re used to. Find the one that’s most inspiring and then find the next thing that’s most inspiring. What’ll happen is there’ll be evidence that starts to come because of the inspiration. Inspiration is important in this and starts noticing the evidence. That’s the other thing that people have this idea of let’s go from 0 to 60 in one push of the pedal. That can certainly happen. When it doesn’t, people want to abandon it and go back to a different way. If you start looking for inspiration and appreciation and also evidence, it may not all be there, but there are a piece and another piece that’s evidence that what your gut is telling you is coming along. That can be helpful for someone who’s starting this. When you start looking for evidence, it makes a convert so fast when they start seeing the evidence. It makes your muscles build higher, faster and stronger for evidence.

My dear friend, and we’re doing some work together, Michelle Humphrey, the way she describes what you’re describing is what lights you up. Your phrase, “What lights you up are the things to move forward.” This idea of everybody wants to go from 0 to 60 in no time at all until you’ve done it because that’s a little jarring. There’s a huge adjustment from that, which is another discussion. I don’t know what lawnmowers are like these days because I haven’t lived where I’ve needed to mow the lawn. When I was a kid, we had one where you had to pull the starter thing. They have electric buttons now, but you used to have to pull this rope and then let it wind. That was how you started the lawnmower.

Here’s the thing, that even if it wasn’t starting, it would do this little catch every once in a while like it was about to start, which are the little wins, “It’s got it. I need to go a little bit more,” which is great. The reason you keep at it is because once it does start, it’s so much easier because if you abandon it and if you say, “This isn’t working for me. I’m going to go back to the 100 resumes.” That’s like if you think of the lawnmower analogy saying, “I can’t get the lawnmower to work, but the grass needs to be cut. I’m going to get a pair of scissors.” You will get it done, but the amount of stress and strain, unless you’re loving it for some reason, crawling around on your hands and knees with scissors. It’s so much easier to stay at the thing that moves it faster. This is all about alignment.

I wanted to offer that if people want to go, I do have a video and a little eLearning tool about this process that goes through it piece-by-piece. If you go to my website, which is PaulaBCoaching.com, it’s the very first thing that pops up. It says, “How do I obliterate overwhelm?” That’s what we’re living in. Get it, download it. You can read over the step-by-step process and also what to be aware of, what to acknowledge and what to look for, of how you can use your intuition. If you’re not totally looking at, “I’m going to shift everything. I’m going to do something different,” you can blend this too and it will still bring beautiful results.

Just get in touch with your gut and use that. Steve Jobs does it. Oprah Winfrey does it. There are so many people that that’s how they lead their business and they’re doing something right. You can, but it gives you the step-by-step of how you can get connected to yourself, how you can listen if you want action or how you can appreciate it. Move forward toward your intentions, toward what you want. You need to get a little bit clear on what you want. Basically, at many times we’re saying, “I want to have a good life. I want to feel good.” The heavens are there to bless us. They’re there waiting to give us what we want. It’s like, we send a text that says, “I want A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.” The universe is like, “I’m going to wait until I know what you want.”

If you get a little bit clearer on what it is, even if it changes, that will help and your gut can help respond to it because that is the alignment process. Go to my website. This document will come up, this little step by step eLearning. At the very end of it, if you want to watch a video, I’m a real believer in video, different ways of learning, and that thing. That’s my comfort level too. There’s a video where I lead you through it so you can obtain that very easily. I would encourage you to go get that if you’re reading this now. Anybody who wants to sit with me and learn more about this and explode their business fast, get there and get to where they want to be in 90 days or less, I’ll be glad to sit with you for a session. I’ll give you some real information that’s one-on-one for you absolutely free. You could do that at PaulaBCoaching.com.

I encourage everyone who feels guided to and who feels drawn to this to take advantage of this. We all need help. Even if we know exactly what to do, if we can find someone who’s gone there before and can help us with shortcuts and everything, it can make a difference in your life. That’s why so many people are going towards coaches. Go to somebody that you trust that has been there that who can get you, where you want to go. I certainly encourage people to do that all the time. Is there anything else you want to add?

I do. The last piece of this is the clarity, the connection connecting yourself, but there’s also a piece of mindset there and you’ve touched on it and that is the belief. That is the getting to believing it can happen, finding the evidence and all of that, and believing in yourself and your self-worth. Sometimes that’s the piece that has to be worked on first before all this other stuff will come, but it can happen fast if you start checking in with your gut and get aligned.

Thank you so much. We have a lot of solutions at PeaceAndHarmonyCo.com. One of the solutions that we have is this show where we’re interviewing experts and success stories in so many different areas. I encourage you to read and take advantage of those. Please subscribe, review, five-star, and share. One of the things that you brought up was how important words are when people are starting out and they’re getting, setting their intention and everything. I concur. One of the reasons that people have problems is they don’t understand the power of words. They have habits of saying things that are the exact opposite of what they want in life. We need to watch that.

I have a heartbreaking story once where we were in the hospital when my son was going through something. We were in the hospital and there was a woman there who was at meltdown, breakdown stage because she was there because her 19 or 20-year-old son had been in a car accident and broken his neck. He was in the back seat and the way he sat and everything, he did it. She was going around saying, “I did this to him. I have been telling him over and over again, his whole life, ‘You’re going to break your neck.’” It’s a very hard way to learn a lesson on how powerful our words are. What I want to caution people is to say what you want, not what you don’t want. When you talk about that idea of starting, then when you’re creating the intention, say the intention is, “I want the $100 million that you talked about.” You give me some examples that you’ve heard from your people.

“I know it will be hard. I know that I’ll have to work all the time. I promise if I get it, I will do this and this for charity.” All of these limits, hitches come in there.

“I’m not worthy or I want $100 million, but nobody wants to pay me or I don’t have the clients.”

“If I could figure out how to get the clients that could happen, but I’m not sure how.”

“If I could, it could happen.”

“What if,” all of those words.

HWC 29 | Inner Badass

Inner Badass: Make the decision to invest in yourself, to explore what messages are there, what you want, what you don’t want.


Even the habit of, “I mess up all the time. I messed up again,” or the beating ourselves up, which we often do. Here’s a big one, “I’m sorry. I have to get out of the way.” Somebody cuts in front of you and you apologize. All of these different belief patterns and the words, “I’m sorry,” the words, “I’m not worthy,” the words, “This can’t happen to me,” even the word maybe or “I’m not worth a shit. Everybody hates me. Nobody likes me. Nobody will use my product. Nobody trusts me. Nobody values me.” All of these sure will happen for them.

“Why does it ever happen for me?” I hear that one a lot. “How do you help this one make that in the 90 days or less and not me?”

All of these little self-derogatory things that we say, even the, “You go first,” to everybody, the “It works out for other people, but that’s my life.” Those kinds of habits of interpretations of what’s going on, we need to become aware that we’re saying and catch ourselves. A great place to start is how many times when we stub our toe or we hurt ourselves or something goes wrong, we say one of two words, “Shit or fuck?” This is what we say, “I hurt myself.” We say, “Shit.” When you hurt yourself, if you saw things physically manifest right then and there, do you think that’s what you want in that moment of pain or anguish or whatever? Even the saying of, “Yes, that’s me.” What you want to say at that moment is, “Thank God, that’s over.”

I will say that you have taught me that. I lost my cell phone on the beach. I started out in the F-word. I was like, “Maybe I’m paying a karmic debt and this will be over. The karmic debt is done.”

That’s a fabulous way to deal with things is to recognize that if I don’t overreact to this, if I don’t retaliate to this situation, if I don’t believe that that person has wronged me and I have to get back at them, if I go, “Maybe I killed a whole bunch of people in World War II in my past life. This one inconvenience, this one whatever.” I have to say this, one of the things that this society has totally lost sight of is an inconvenience is not suffering. There are some cute videos on YouTube where they take people from third world countries in their poverty, in their illness, in their whatever and they say the complaints of people from this country. You see some little kids standing on the steps of something pathetic you could barely call it a livable structure. It’s probably about the size of a shed in somebody’s backyard and it’s falling apart.

He’s standing in that and he says, “I hate it when I can’t find my iPhone charger.” The whole thing is don’t take life so seriously. When things go wrong, find a way to make it work for you by using the words of what you want to experience rather than what you don’t want to experience. I guarantee you, when you hurt yourself, if you say, “Shit,” and somebody comes over and goes, “Here’s some,” that’s not what you want. Your reaction to that could be, “Thank you very much. That was very kind of you. Such fast service.”

There’s a funny scene in My Cousin Vinny where Vinny, the character, in this bar trying to collect some money that his girlfriend Marisa Tomei won from playing pool or something with this guy. Vinny says, “Give me the money.” The guy says, “You want something? I’ll give you an ass-kicking.” You see Vinny, Joe Pesci, he goes, “That’s your counteroffer? I’m here for $200 and you’re offering me a good ass-kicking. Let me think for a minute because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good ass-kicking.” He said, “No, I’ll go for the money.” When we want to be responding in a way that helps us be who we want to be in that moment and have the experience that we want to have. When we stub our toe or somebody cuts us off in traffic, “Thank you. That karma is done.” Ideally, wish them well. Send love. To whatever extent we can get, we don’t want shit. Say something else, “Pizza, divine blessings, grace,” or whatever it is. We start changing the words. That’s a cool little way we get to do that.

This idea of trust is good. We believe that the world is becoming an amazing place, but we also experienced that those who may not have your best interests at heart are trying to convince you otherwise. We don’t even need to go why. In the end, what I started to say earlier is who is your report card for? At the end of your life, who are you turning this report card? Who do you want to give you the best grade possible? From my side, it’s your own higher self because that’s the only one who’s judging you. It’s nice to get a pat on the back from the divine when you leave.

There’s a story about someone who passed away. The book is called Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie. You can find it on Amazon. I’m not necessarily recommending the book. There’s a part of the story where this young man who’s in the military dies and he’s dead for 8.5 minutes. During that time, he has a whole bunch of experiences, which is most of what this book is about. It’s a very short book. It’s a couple of hours read or something. One of the things that happens is he meets Lord Christ, which he feels is because of his upbringing. Our belief is that you meet whoever is appropriate for you. Lord Christ takes him to this room. He takes him way up high in the sky and takes them to this room where there’s a whole bunch of other very obviously divine beings. When they get into the room, he sees his entire life flash before him. It’s far more detailed than he could ever remember.

At the end of seeing this, he gets embarrassed during parts of it but he’s a kid and he hasn’t done anything major, but some minor teenage adolescent pranks or whatever. When he gets to it, Lord Christ turns to him and says, “What have you done with your life?” The kid is scrambling. His first thought is, “You showed me everything way better than I could remember. Why are you asking me?” He’s asked, so he goes, “I got my Eagle Scout badge.” Lord Christ said, “That glorified you, what have you done with your life?”

In my own case, I don’t know whether this is the right thing to do for a lot of reasons. I’m not necessarily encouraging other people to do. Maybe you want that nice eulogy. Maybe you want a lot of people, maybe you don’t care whether there are a lot of people and you’re more concerned with the divine. My whole thing is when I get to the end of this, will I have lived a life worth living? Will I have honored God, Lord Christ, Mother Divine or whatever? Are they going to say, “It looks like you had a good time, well done you?” There’s a way where you can take this overly seriously, which I have for 50 years, but not too long.

There’s a realization also that simply fully enjoying the gifts of this life from the divine is a life well spent. A little gratitude here and there and enjoying life immensely is a huge accomplishment in this life. There’s a huge range of possibilities when we start tuning into what we want to do. You mentioned that sometimes it’s a 178-degree turn from what we thought we were here to do. That’s an adjustment and that’s why programs such as yours or other programs, our own Forever And Flow Program. There are things that can be done that can help one get into alignment, make sure that who you’re connecting to has your best interest at heart, is your own true higher self or even better, if you can connect to the divine, which again we have programs for. Get some help, think about what you want, state the intention. However firmly or gently your commitment level is, simply begin.

You have nothing to lose by watching the video, reading the download, trying this, trying that, and move as you can. I’m going to use this as an analogy and not literally, but a lot of people feel so much overwhelmed that they feel as if they’re in the gutter. They may not be in the gutter. The first thing that they need to get is the belief that they can get out. The first belief is, “I can get out of the gutter. I can get up on the sidewalk. From the sidewalk, I can go into this building and then I can go on the1st floor, the 2nd floor, the 10th floor, the 100th floor. Eventually, I can be free and clear of all of these limiting beliefs or patterns or restrictions, that I can be fully and fully present and who I am now.” That world is an amazing world to live in.

My mother is telling me to mention that you can, as a business owner, have it all. It’s not an either/or, and you can be a work in progress while you’re also achieving. You can reconnect with your family. You can let go of working so hard. You can have fun while also having your business build and scale and go large and grand. That can all come together. It’s restating what you said, that’s an amazing place to be.

It’s fullness of life. Maharishi used to call it 200% of life. It’s “Wealth and wisdom squared,” was one of the phrases that he used. Paula, it’s been such a joy to have you here and to share your wisdom and your knowledge and your experience with people. I hope thousands of people respond and take advantage of that because it’s needed in the world. I’m going to encourage people to don’t be shy. Don’t be shy about taking it upon yourself to be a peace hero and bring peace and harmony to your neighborhood with one of our peacemaker systems. We have three different ones. The Peacemaker 10,000, which is the size of a laptop computer because at one time it was a laptop computer. Now, it’s a broadcast tower for peace and harmony.

We have a 10,000, a 15,000 and the 30,000. The 10,000 goes for 10,000 people or ten square miles, depending on where you live, whichever comes first. The 15,000 is that many thousands or fifteen square miles. The 30,000 is 30,000 people or 30 square miles that you can, without telling anybody, create peace and harmony. You can reduce the crime, you can reduce the violence. You can increase the intelligence of the political leaders in the area and the community. Much can happen from a calm and settled state that these systems literally generate from the unified field and from the quantum field. If you’re hesitating, don’t. There’s a three-day guarantee. If you don’t notice something profound and significant within three days, send it back in like-new condition. We’ll even pay for return shipping.

This is a time in the world where you can literally buy peace. Do it. I want to encourage people to do it, be the first on your block or whatever it is because once you start doing that, people will start coming up to you. You will find yourself more in alignment. You will start finding things. You will start finding rainbows and pots of gold and hot numbers of the sex that you want them to be and whatever it is that you want. All good life. Thank you, Paula, for being here. This ends another fun episode. If it’s been helpful, leave a review, give us a five-star rating, subscribe, share it with other people, and go out and have a great life. Until the next episode or forever.

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